Base Malts:

2 Row – Bready, Light sweet and smooth. Light graininess, Plain.

Maris Otter – Toast on the nose, nuttier flavour. Sweeter with more caramel.

Golden Promise – Mild aroma, slight sweetness. More so than other base malts.

Pearl – Slightly Sweet, Caramel on the nose. Medium caramel flavour with a smoother mouth feel.

Optic – Little in the nose, oat aroma and rougher graininess than other base malts.

Halycom – Light nuttiness on the nose. Crusty, caramel breadiness. Clean.

Munich – In small quantities, adds golden\amber colour and a malty flavour. In majority, gives a darker and more pronounced malt flavour (German style)

Pilsner – Lightest and most commonly used grain in German, Belgian and Eastern European lagers\ales.

SpecialityΒ Malts:

Biscuit/Amber/Victory – Lightly roasted malt which adds a biscuit/bready flavour.

Crystal/Caramalt – Adds sweet notes of honey and caramel. Helps colour from golden to dark brown.

Chocolate – Dark brown malt which gives a slight chocolaty flavour. More bitter cocoa than sweet. Roast earthy notes with a touch of bitter.

Black – A tiny amount of these malts will add a coffee/roast flavour to stouts and porters.

Torrified Wheat – Can be used in place of wheat (Raw) for Belgian style Wit. Adds body & head to English ales. Needs to be mashed with diastatic malt to convert starch.