The Celt Experience – Relaunch

A Celt Experience Background The Celt Experience came into being back in 2007 when the brewery based in the Pontygwindy Industrial Estate, Caerphilly was opened. Prior to this, Tim Newman (Managing Director) was brewing beers in his Fathers garage. His vision for The Celt Experience reflects the backbone of Welsh spiritual culture and passion for life….

Brewing at the Brains Craft Brewery

As a huge fan of the beer scene from both a drinking and a homebrewing perspective, Its always been brilliant to tell people that I work in a local and well respected brewery. My roles revolves mainly around fixing computers and supporting other technical issues as opposed to working in the brewing side of things itself….

Farewell to The Celt Experience

On the 27th May, The Celt Experience unleashed the news that they would be stopping production of their awesome beers. Celt Experience were responsible for kicking off my love of craft beer and introducing me to range of new flavours and styles from the Iron Age, through the Bronze and into the Golden Age. Silures…