Thanks for popping by and checking out Hoppilot.com

Hoppilot.com is the perfect place to find reviews & guidance for the latest beers to hit our bars & bottle shops, here in the UK as well as combining my love for great food.
I hope to show you how best to pair beer with food, offering recipes that use your favorites beers as the showcase ingredient and much more.

All of my reviews follow the the Beer Judge Certification Programme principles to ensure that every beer that I have gets a fair review..

I’ve been enjoying beers for about as long as I can remember. Starting with those mass-produced lagers at a younger age & throughout university, progressing into the real ale scene and now enjoying the vastness of the craft beer scene.

Through beer box subscriptions such as Honest Brew, Beer52 & Brewdog and tap takeovers at each of our bars in Cardiff, I have met some amazing people, won some amazing competitions and tasted some amazing beer.
You can now get yourself a £10 discount courtesy of HopPilot.com at Honest Brew too.
Click here for more.

My love of food has seen me experimenting with a range of styles such as classic British, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Italian and more.
I’ve also been lucky enough to be featured in BBC Good Food magazine many moons ago too!

Beer & food really does bring people together and helps to keep the good times rolling.
The craft beer scene is so plentiful and its only getting bigger and bigger!

Follow me on my journey for food and beer greatness!

If you would like to be featured at Hop Pilot and have your products reviewed along with the greats then please send us a message today.
I understand how much work goes into brewing amazing beers and cooking up awesome food, and will judge only on your merits


You can find me on social media too

Twitter – @biertaster
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Facebook – @biertaster
Untapped – biertaster

Frankfurters With a Kriek Boon Glaze & Spicy Potato Salad


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great blog Neil!

    Came across it whilst looking for Kiddie connections.


    Gareth Kiddie (Alan’s cousin)


    1. Hi Gareth,
      Thanks for popping by and checking the blog. I really appreciate the feedback too.

      I remember talking with Alan about you and your background some time ago. My wife Michelle used to work at Wales Council for Voluntary Action as part of the Communities First team, moved into Environment Wales and has now settled in a completely different organisation with the Heritage Lottery Fund by the museum in Cardiff.
      Might be interesting for the two of you to have a chat some time by email or something. Based on your organisations website, you’re professional backgrounds are pretty similar.

      I work over at SA Brain in Cardiff looking after their IT and technical infrastructure across the brewery site, all managed houses, tenanted pubs and Coffee#1 in the UK.
      I’ve also just started beer tasting for Bierkeller here in Cardiff where I’ll be writing about beers on a blog that will be on their website.
      The blog will be entirely written by me but hosted by them which is going to be pretty amazing and can link with this blog.
      Kind of a kickstarter into beer writing.

      Have you seen Karl’s (our brother) wood burning blog – https://pyromaniakal.wordpress.com/
      Some impressive stuff there too.

      Keep in touch, you can find me on social media channels or I can email you directly with my email address if you like?

      catch you again
      Neil Kiddie


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