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Starting With Beer

My beer journey began when my wife and I stumbled across the CAMRA held, Great Welsh Beer Festival in Cardiff’s City Hall back in 2007.
The idea of going to one place and having access to such a varied selection of beer and cider absolutely blew our mind.

This continued as a yearly tradition, involving many visits from friends and family as well as a number of locations from the original City Hall, to Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena and even the Millennium Stadium.
The event that took place at the Millennium Stadium would be the undoing of this yearly traditional as a result of the way it was organised.

Thankfully, a number of craft beer bars started hitting the city.
Tiny Rebel’s Urban Tap House (Now Tiny Rebel Cardiff) in Cardiff would offer me my first taste of the hopped up and exciting goodness that is today’s craft beer movement.
Now we have a whole host of bars including Brewdog, Small Bar and Barley & Rye who each offer their own offerings in a range of stylised settings.

Armed with the taste for a variety of beer styles, I began training my senses with copious amounts of beer as well as comparing styles against the Beer Judge Certification Programme principles.
This has led me to judging home brew projects at the Welsh National Homebrew Competition and opened up an opportunity to review beers of Cardiff’s very own Bierkeller ATW bar.

Through beer box subscriptions, tap takeovers and my favourite craft beer bars, I have met some amazing people, won some amazing competitions and tasted some amazing beers.


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Each of the beer reviews that you find at hoppilot.com will follow the Beer Judge Certification Program principles to ensure a fair and honest review every time.

Where speciality beers come up, reviews will be compared against the base style then I will look at how well the speciality ingredient is reflected in the overall finish.


Beer & food really does bring people together and helps to keep the good times rolling.
The craft beer scene is so plentiful and its only getting bigger and bigger!

Follow me on my journey for beery greatness!

If you would like to be featured at Hop Pilot and have your products reviewed along with the greats then please send us a message today.
I understand how much work goes into brewing amazing beers and cooking up awesome food, and will judge only on your merits