Magic Rock Brewing – Things You Can’t Unsee

Modern Bitter • 4.4 % ABV • Huddersfield, England

After a little break from the beer scene to get another project out of the ashes, I’m back with yet another brewskie review.
The pressure is on now too, particularly as I’ve been nominated for a Beer Geek Award with so I’ve got to kick things up a notch.

Things You Can’t Unsee is a collaboration brew from Magic Rock and North Brew Co.
Both hailing from Yorkshire, they decided to represent their local roots by producing a modern version of classic style – The Yorkshire Bitter

Never one to stray far away from the more traditional and real ale scene, I believe that there is still a place for traditional versions of beer styles like this.
For me, a lazy Sunday is the perfect time to put away the extremities of the craft scene and go for something a little more chilled.

So, what makes Magic Rock’s and North Brew Co’s Modern Yorkshire Bitter stand out from the rest?
Mixing a selection of malts including chocolate, crystal, golden promise and Vienna malts to offer a rich, brown and sweet body. Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, Huell Melon and Amarillo hops pack in pine, citrus and orange flavours to change things up from the more traditional hopped up bitters.
A classed English Ale yeast brings it altogether to give pronounced estery goodness

Let’s crack this beast open and give it a whirl.


Appearance Things You Can’t Unsee is a pale to medium amber colour and shows a fair bit of murkiness which unfortunately isn’t the most appealing looks for a beer
It produces a light tan head which settles fairly quickly.
Aroma On cracking the can and pouring, the obvious difference between your classic bitters was the power of the aroma from the hoppage.
The inclusion of all the hops gives a really pronounced IPA style aroma of Pine and citrus.
Fruity esters come through when the hops have settled, and a little bready malt can be picked up ever so slightly – Right there at the back.
Hop forward in terms of the aroma.
Flavour The flavour offers a touch of caramel sweetness from the sweet offering of malts, but the piney and citric hops move in and dominate at this point.
Finally a sizeable bitterness and dryness moves in and finishes things up, staying noticeable in the mouth for ages after swallowing.
Mouthfeel Gives a light level of carbonation with a smooth and easy body.
An undeniable and lasting bitterness sits with you for ages after swallowing, giving a pronounced dryness though left me with what felt like a cold yet metallic sensation on the sides of my tongue.
Overall The appearance and the mouthfeel are perfectly there for a bitter.
The increased quantity hops and varieties used make this feel more like an IPA but with somewhat richer body than a light pale.

Things You Can’t Unsee is a pleasant beer, but the bitterness feels decidedly harsh at the end and gives the strange metallic sensation which for me, made it feel less quaffable.
This I believe to be more of a preference thing based on the bitterness\dryness.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Magic Rock’s – Things You Can’t Unsee

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