Verdant Brewing Co – Howl

Double IPA • 7.2 % ABV • Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Following on from my last DIPA review by Magic Rock, lets take a look at another one from Falmouth based brewery Verdant Brewing Co.

Keeping things really simple with the black & white can, they are letting the beer do all singing (Or Howling).
A selection of malts including Golden Promise, extra pale malts, oats, Carapils and Vienna malts help to add plenty of body and head without over flavouring the base of the beer.
On the flip side, copious quantities of Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops have been added to pack in the zesty, tropical fruit
All brought together with a London Ale III yeast to offer a light fruitiness as well as a slightly sweeter finish.

I haven’t tasted as much Verdant Brewing Co. beers as I’d like to, so I’m looking forward to trying this one out.

Appearance Howl is pale gold in colour, producing a lively and foamy white head which sits at the surface for a good while after pouring.
The body looks rich and full, with a powerful haze on.
So much so that it is impossible to see though – Looks great!
Aroma The aroma offers a smooth blend of subtle passion fruit, grape fruit and lemon with very little in the way of malts coming through.
Flavour Surprisingly light in flavour but showcasing plenty of hoppy goodness with lemon, mango and a little passion fruit.
Once the hops settle down, you are left with a little caramel sweetness and a subtle bitterness that settles quickly.
Mouthfeel A smooth and medium bodied DIPA with a medium-light level of carbonation. This adds some zesty bounce to the beer as well as a rich, chewiness in texture – Leaves the tongue tingling.
The bitterness is restrained allowing the more vibrant and citric notes to do their thing.
Overall A great example of a DIPA where despite the high 7.2% ABV, it is really light and easy drinking.
The hops shine through with plenty of vibrant citrus and sharp notes whilst the you get a touch of sweetness and a restrained bitterness towards to the end.

The texture is velvet smooth and great for a DIPA of this kind.

I could happily drink plenty of more of this gem, and likely regret it the following day…

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Verdant Brewing Co’s Howl.

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