This week at 18/06/2018

Beers I’ll be Tasting This Week

Another Week and another selection of beers to get tasting.
I’ve hit a bit of a delay on the Two DIPAs as part of last week’s tasting, but the reviews will be up and running this week.
They’ve been tasted, It’s just been a really busy week of training at work.

Onto this week then, I’ll be trying out a selection of beers from Marks & Spencer’s as part of their “Used Our Loaf” range.
Each of these beers are brewed by Adnams and make use of leftover M&S bread to replace some of the malt bill.

Southwold Pale Ale: Triple English Hop – 3.6% – Brewed as an English Blonde ale and packed with 3 new English hop varieties (Jester, Ernest and Endeavour) to offer a citrus and gooseberry scent along with a malty balanced finish.

Raspberry Fruit Beer – 4.5% – Opting for a light blonde beer, similar to the Southwold pale, but with the addition of First gold & cascade hops as well as raspberry juice to create a refreshing, fruity beer with a little tartness.

Earl Grey Pale Ale – 5.0% – Finally on the cards is a citrussy pale ale, hopped up with Galaxy & Ella with hints of tea and bergamot.

Adnams have a plenty of background about the process involved and the beers on their website.

One thing that throws me about these brews is that the look and feel of the Southwold Pale Ale bottle is very different to that of the cans.
As part of range, A little consistency would help people to identify the full range as I was unsure if the Southwold Pale Ale was part of it initially.

A Steaked up Stir Fry Recipe

Over the weekend, I really wanted to throw together a stir fry but makes things a touch more extravagant with the help of a hunk of steak.
With a few simple ingredients, I was able to put together a delicious base sauce, beautifully charred vegetables along with some thin chunks of sirloin steak.

The recipe is in progress but I’ll leave a photo of our stir-fry deliciousness here for you to admire in anticipation.


More Training Content

The training documentation is coming along nicely.
I spent a few hours last week writing about how to taste beer and some finer details about some of the flavour profiles that we are able to pick up.

This week, I’ll be looking at completing that section along with putting more details into the basics around how beer is brewed.
I’ll also delve into some of the ingredients that go into producing our favourite tipple.

In terms of the practicalities of teaching this to people, I’m still in discussions with a potential contact but hope to announce the price this evening then get the ball rolling.
Then it’s just a matter of putting the course together and hoping it gets a sign off.
Even if it doesn’t, my training resource will be great for prospective hopefuls who are looking to take on the Cicerone Beer Server award (First Level Cicerone Certification)

A Few Days Off For Decorating

Lastly, my wife and I have a few days off to get our kitchen decorated so that we can get it looking a little more industrial and funky.

We will be implementing longer shelves so that my beer collection and glasses have pride of place, aswell as finding a place for some beery items on the wall.
We are also bringing in a slightly darker colour scheme together with a some sections of magnetic blackboard paint to allow us to be a little more creative in the kitchen with plans and other memorandum.


I’m really excited about this feature – Embracing the inner child!

Have a great a week everyone.

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