Compulsory Fun – Left Handed Giant, Magic Rock and DEYA

India Pale Ale • 6.5 % ABV • Collaboration with Left Handed Giant, Magic Rock and DEYA

Let’s get the first of this week’s brewskies underway with the lighter of the three options I have selected for this week.

A three-way collaboration with Left Handed giant, Magic Rock and Deya, I’ve got real high hopes for this beer despite descriptors being pretty limited on the interwebs.
Compulsory Fun IPA brings together copious amounts of Citra, Mosaic and Columbus as well as a little coriander seed to help Linalool levels.

But, what the Christ is a linalool i hear you ask?
Linalool is a naturally occurring chemical which is found in essential oils of flowers and plants including hops and coriander.
In tests, Linalool might actually aid cancer treatment drugs in killing cancer cells that have grown resistant to drugs alone.

Let’s get stuck in shall we?

Appearance Compulsory Fun is Pale gold in colour and produces a small ivory head which settles down quickly but clings to the edge of the glass on the surfaces and is made up of nice tight little bubbles.
A little cloudy and looking plenty rich in body
Aroma Big on the hops as expected for the style and for this beer in particular.
Floral notes shine through along with citrus including lemon and tangerine pith – verging on tropical.
It’s tricky to pick out the coriander seeds due to the it being quite a fresh and spicy aroma.
The hops do all the showing off here.
Flavour The flavour blends the floral, citrus and tropical elements together along with resin. Refreshing at the starts then becomes juicy and finally ends with a caramel sweetness and gives a pleasant bitterness that mellows at quickly.
Nothing to be disappointed with in the flavour at all!
Mouthfeel A smooth and easy IPA with a little body and chewyness in texture. A restrained bitterness that allows the freshness and vibrancy to really shine through.
Gives a medium to low level or carbonation to carry across more of the citric elements.
Overall A delicious IPA that offers plenty of juicy hop action along with a little resin. As the hops settle, you are left with a little sweetness and just a touch of bitterness to allow all those fresh, vibrant and sweet notes to continue to sing.

Surprisingly light at 6.5%. I could quite happily & easily drink plenty more of this with no problems, other than a painful hangover the following day.

The coriander seeds are fairly subtle and exist more in retro-nazal than anything.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Compulsory Fun.

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