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Beers I’ll be Tasting This Week

On the beer front this week is a selection of IPAs that I’ll be sinking my teeth and offering a little insight into.

Compulsory Fun IPA by Left Handed Giant, Magic Rock and DEYA – 6.5% – An IPA three way extravaganza!
Stocking up on Citra, Mosaic and Columbus along with a touch of Coriander seeds too.

Botany of Desire by Magic rock – 8.7% – A double IPA with the addition of 100kg heather honey at fermentation as well as Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe and Denali hops.
The beer name is inspired by 2001 book by the journalist Michael Pollan.

Howl by Verdant – 7.6% – Another Double IPA packed with copious amounts of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe.

A visit to the Hang Fire Smokehouse on Wednesday

Living in Barry, we are dangerously close the Hang Fire Smokehouse owned by Samantha Evans & Shauna Guinn.
It’s the perfect place to get your hands on the perfect BBQ and wood fired meats as well as a few vegetarian options.
Their meats are some of the best we’ve had from the brisket & meltingly soft burnt ends to 7 hour smoked ribs where the meat comes right off the bones.
They have a great selection of Southern inspired starters and sides too as well as a great range of beers.

My wife and I have followed them through their street food stand ventures, to their pop up restaurant at The Lansdowne in Cardiff and having moved to Barry back in September of 2017, we’ve already been to the Smokehouse twice
That makes our visit on Wednesday the third time we’ve popped by for their delicious offerings.

We cannot wait, particularly as you need to book at least a month of two in advance to ensure you get a table!

Training Course Planning

I’m having a look at preparing a little side project to support people or organisations within the beer industry by offering a bit of a training\consultancy.
Using the name Beer School, my aim is to offer share my wealth of knowledge with others in the fields of home brewing, beer tasting, events and a little social media support on the side.

This setup is in the early stages of preparation where I’m working on costs, plans and getting together a bit of a pilot scheme to test things out, but this is pretty exciting.

This comes hot off the heels from a Cardiff based organisation that have approached me to provide a little guidance for them.

More to come soon on this project.


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