Brew By Numbers – 01/03 Saison

Saison • 5.0 % ABV • Bermondsey, London, England

A few weeks back, my wife was kind enough to buy me a selection of weird and wonderful beers whilst away in the country of England.
The collection included a range of IPAs, double IPAs and rich stouts including the gem that is Yellow belly by Omnipollo and Buxton.

One of the cans that she brought back was a cucumber and juniper saison from Brew By Numbers.
I’ve always been a bit weirded out by the inclusion of cucumber in beers so you can imagine my face when the time came to finally dive into this brew.
The last one that I believe we tried was Cool as a Cucumber by Wild Beer Co, which was a gentle 2.9% mint and cucumber ale – I’ve tended to shy away from them since.

Brew By Number’s 01/03 Saison is described as the potential missing link between beer and gin.
It is infused with juniper berries in the whirlpool and cucumber juice in the tank.
The cucumber is balanced by subtle floral and spiced notes as well as a dry finish.

Let’s see if this beer can change my opinion, shall we?

Appearance 01/03 Saison is Pale straw in colour with a small amount of haziness.
It produces a small white head which settles quickly, leaving a thin layer on the surface and the edges of the glass.
Aroma A fine balance of the malty and wheat elements along with the citric and zesty notes of the juniper berries.
A subtle floral sweetness comes in right at the end
Flavour The flavour has taken me completely by surprise.

The cucumber is the first thing to come at you despite its subtle flavour, followed by the tangy, citrus and spiciness of the juniper berry – almost floral.
A dry bitterness comes in at the end and creates a savoury and almost salty finish.
The flavours move very quick, so you’ve got to make the most of them as they work through.

Mouthfeel Well carbonated to help carry those subtle citric flavours and medium to light in body. The wheat helps to give a little additional body to the beer and it finishes really dry at the back of the throat with the juniper and hopped up bitterness.
Overall A really crisp and refreshing Saison that balances ingredients well – From the malts, to the spicing, the hops and finally the yeast.
Overall flavours are subtle, but the spiciness lasts and lasts.
It has less of the sweeter elements and more savoury elements to it.
Refreshing and one for the Summer, without a doubt.

I think I’m a convert!

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of BBNO’s  01/03 Saison.

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