Northern Monk – Sharknado

India Pale Ale • 5.5 % ABV • Leeds England

Produced as a collaboration to coincide with the UK release of sharnknado 5: Global Swarming on DVD, my next brewskie is part of a limited release by Northern Monk.

Sharknado is quickly racking up a cult status with each release and the ante is upped every time.
It manages to blend multiple genres from science fiction to horror, disaster movie to comedy and each time involving sharks that are inexplicably collected by tornadoes and dropped in locations all around the city – Wreaking havoc on residents here there and everywhere.
They have managed to spawn 5 of these movies and are even working on a sixth which is slated to include time travel, Nazis, dinosaurs, knights and a Noah’s ark

Sharknado by Northern Monk is described as a blood orange and sea salted IPA which also includes milk sugar for a smoother mouthfeel.
The ingredients also include something called aronia which must be linked with the Aronia berries which grow as a breed of deciduous shrub.
The can itself is surrounded by the movie poster for the film and includes fan favourites such Tara Reid and Ian Zierling who have been in the movies from the very beginning.


Let’s dive in, shall we?

Appearance Forget the age-old gold of an IPA.
The blood orange and aronia berries have helped to give a surprising red hue to go with the hazy body and light pink head.
The head handles itself really well on the surface and forms well with a little agitation.
Aroma Although subtle, the blood orange takes the lead whilst subtle berry notes work their way though and eventually leave you with flora and a little sweetness.
Flavour Vibrant, fruity and citric with tones of strawberry coming from the blood orange and the aronia.
Juicy, sweet and full with a light bitterness at the end which settles into a dry tartness at the back of the throat.
Salt can be picked up though this was particularly subtle for my taste buds.
Mouthfeel Medium in body and light in carbonation with a smoothness from the lactose sugar.
Lightly carbonated and just a touch bitter with some dryness at the end.
Has a light milkshake like quality about it.
Overall Northern Monk have done it again through their crazy projects with a Sharknado inspired brew.
Not necessarily a mind blower, but for a style dominated by orange and blood orange IPAs, It’s great to see Northern Monk try something different with the aronia berries and the addition of sea salt.

This is one to be enjoyed cold and fresh as things change-up quickly as the temperature rises.
The colour was a nice surprise too, bloody sharks!

The can is great and perfect marketing for the movie.
I’d be interested to see how many sharknado fans got involved in the beer and how many beer fans got involved in the move thanks to Northern Monk.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Northern Monk’s Sharknado.

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