VOG Brewery – Red Right Hand

Next up is a beer from Vale of Glamorgan Brewery who, as luck would have it, are based just a few miles from our home in Barry.

With members of Knife & Fork Food taking up the helm back in 2015, they have given the range a bit of a face lift as well as some modernization.
Now offering a range of more traditional ales and beers as well as a more experimental crafty range, they have something for everyone.
Knife & Fork Food own four bars & Restaurants around the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, with a new one coming up real soon – You are almost certain to find a VOG beer locally.
Other Bars including the City Arms, Cambrian Tap and the Halfway in Cardiff regularly have them on tap too.

The beer I’ll be tucking into is called Red Right Hand.
A dry hopped Imperial red IPA described as giving a deep crimson body which marries spicy pine bitterness with an alcoholic kick.
clocking up a 7% ABV and including such hops as Cascade and Chinook.

The little hands dotted around the can remind of the 5 Alive drink cartons that my parents used to buy us as children.
Each carton came with a little hand sticker and a “gnarly” word or phrase.
This was before the days of social media, so you’ll just have to take my word for it – Really takes me back.


Lets “Hand” it over to them

Appearance Pale amber in colour with a red hue and some hazy action.
A lively and lasting ivory head forms which gives a glimmer of light tan too.
The head is made up of tightly packed bubbles that hold everything together.
Aroma Brings together sweet caramel malts along with hopped up hits which change as the temperature rises.
At first it was mainly berry fruit with some citrus, then the citrus and orange took center stage with some piney notes.
I was able to pick up some honey sweetness too.
Flavour The sweet caramel malts get things started then the hops move in and take over to give more of the darker fruits and berry flavour.
Ending on a big, dry hoppiness along with what tastes like a touch of biscuit.
The way the end comes together, gives the effect of blackcurrant – It’s subtle, but its there.
Mouthfeel Red Right Hand has a medium body but doesn’t feel like a 7% at all.
There is a light seltzery level of carbonation that isn’t overkill and a dry, piney bitterness than can be picked up on the sides of the tongue.
Overall Red Right Hand won a gold SIBA award for Imperial IPAs over 6.5% this month and it’s easy to see why.

One of my favourite styles done well, offering plenty of sweet malts, fruity hops and bitterness.
It’s easy to overlook the 7% ABV as this isn’t too heavy on the body and there is no boozy warmth.
A gem of a beer and it comes from Barry.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of VOG Brewery and their Red Right Hand

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