Arundel Brewery – Clockwork: Citra & Rakau IPA

NEIPA • 4.5 % ABV • Arundel, West Sussex, England

With all the freaking hot weather we’ve been having of late, I’m thankful that Jebus has blessed me with a fridge packed with pales and sours.
I think it’s about time that I picked one from the collection for a review session, if anything just to cool on down.

One of the beers, in the pale spectrum that I’ve been hearing plenty about is this Clockwork NEIPA by Arundel Brewery.
As luck would have it, I have a couple cooling down in my fridge as we speak.

Before we begin, I’ve had few Arundel Brewery beers in the past and whilst some of them have been pretty good, others have shown a little inconsistency.
Turning things on their head, Clockwork seems to be hitting all the marks in terms of feedback that I’ve heard on-line and through the usual rating suspects, so I’m really interested to see what this one is all about.

Making use of Citra and Rakau hops as well as a little NEIPA yeast, Arundel Brewery describe Clockwork NEIPA as delivering a juicy time bomb of grapefruit and citrus flavours.

Thanks to Olly – Brewer for Arundel Brewery and Brother in law for sending a can down to sunny Wales, let’s get cracking!

Appearance Clockwork is Pale straw in colour along with a hazy and creamy looking body.
Produces a small white head which settles quickly but clings to the side of the glass and on the surface.
Aroma On cracking the can open, there were big orange and lemon aromas which verged on freshly squeezed OJ or marmalade.
After a while, the sharper grapefruit aromas moved on in along with a little pine.
Clean and vibrant in the aroma.
Flavour Hops work overtime in the flavour to deliver citrus and pithy elements whilst the NEIPA yeast works to give the smoother stone fruit elements.
A bitterness kicks which can be picked up at the back of the throat, but this settles almost instantly leaving a really fresh and fruity finish
Mouthfeel Clockwork offers a medium to high level of carbonation with a smooth and easy body.
The carbonation gives the effect zesty lemon on the tongue.
The restrained bitterness hits the back of the throat levels off quickly so that you can get the best of the
Overall A great beer and a real step forward from some of the previous Arundel Brewery beers that I’ve tried.
Lots of fresh, vibrant fruit flavour from the hops, classic NEIPA elements.
A great beer and absolutely perfect for the Summer!

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Clockwork: Citra & Rakau IPA

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