Beer Tasting at Work – 18/05/2018

Another week has gone and we enjoyed another set of beers of Delicious beers for our latest Beer Tasting at Work Session

The theme of the week this time was yeast and how yeast can change beer in terms of flavour and mouthfeel.

Each of these beers have gone through a secondary fermentation which means that yeast is added to the bottle and as such can be found on the beer into glasses.
This is totally normal and the yeast is completely harmless, though it may give a little cloudiness – Don’t be alarmed!

Each of the beers are brewed in Belgium where they are experts at brewing strong beers of this style.
Mixing simple malt combinations such as Pilsner and wheat with yeasts that have been with the brewery for a number of generations
Noble hops (A specific selection of European hops) finish things up with subtle spicy and sometimes fruitier tones.

We really got into some seriously, highly rated beers this time around from a pretty traditional style.

Here is what we enjoyed :-

Brouwerij The Musketeers – Troubadour Blond – Belgian Ale – 6.5%

The lightest of the bunch this week but still clocking in at 6.5%.

This Blond goes through a secondary fermentation with yeast that’s added to the bottle to push the ABV the and complexity.
Expect plenty of sparkling carbonation, a mild bitterness with some malt sweetness and a little spicy hop aftertaste
Light and fruity.

Brouweij der Trappisten Van Westmalle – Westmalle Dubbel – Abbey Dubbel – 7.0%

A highly rated beer according to, scoring 100/100 for style and 99/100 when matched against style.

This Trappist Dubbel also has a little yeast added to the bottle to aid in a 3 week secondary fermentation within the bottle.
Like a recent wheat beer that my colleague brought in during the first session, expect bananas and other fruits in a bigger bodied beer.

A Trappist beer is brewed by monks in a traditional way within one of eleven monasteries in Europe and America.
Strict rules apply to ensure that these beers aid mainly in self-supporting and funding on the monasteries whilst keeping recipes as they would have been many, many years ago.

Brouweij Huyghe – Delirium Tremens – Belgian Strong Ale – 8.5%

Nominated as the Best Beer in the world and a gold medal winner in the World Beer Championships in Chicago, 1998.

Delirium Tremens is bottle conditioned which means that a little yeast is packed into the bottle to aid in the finishing and carbonation.
Expect a big boozy mouthfeel from the high ABV with lots of carbonation and plenty of fruit tones from the yeast used.
A little sweetness from the malts too.

This also comes in one of the nicest bottles out there with its speckled marble look and a foil top.

We kicked things off with Troubadour Blonde which was described as well-balanced in flavour between the spiciness of the hops and the esters of the yeast.
We were all really pleased the crispness of the beer and felt that we could happily drink a pint of this in the hot Summer sun, regardless of the slightly high ABV.
It scored a really good 8 out of 10 by the group.
I personally hadn’t come across Brouwerij The Musketeers before, but would happily seek out and try more of their brews.
I hear that the City Arms in Cardiff will have an IPA of theirs on tap real soon.

Next up was the Westmalle Dubbel which in my opinion was the best of the bunch.
We were able to pick up plenty of burnt toffee and a spicy, hopped up bitterness.
Despite the colour, it wasn’t heavy at all thanks to the foamy and well carbonated body.
One of the group mentioned that they got black pepper at the back of their tongue, whilst another mentioned that it had a similar spiciness to that of dandelion & Burdock pop.
Everyone were equally in awe of this beer and we agreed to offer a score of 8.5 out of 10

Finally was the award winner – Delerium Tremens.
Smooth in body with more carbonation that the previous two which helped to give an almost creamy body.
Lots of spiciness came through on this beer including cloves as well as a little fruit in the form of citrus such as orange.
Due to the strength of the flavour and the carbonation, some of the group agreed that it would go really well with spicy food such as a curry.
Oddly, as the award winner, the overall score came in at 7.5 out of 10 which made this the lowest rated of the three.

I’m surprised with the outcome but based on the beers ratings via Ratebeer, it’s not surprising that the Dubbel scored so highly.
The Delerium did bring something new to the table with Its higher ABV and unusual spicy flavour which may have resulted in the outcome?
The blonde was great and one that we all agreed that we would happily enjoy more of, so no surprise in the score there.

One of my colleagues actually mentioned that they were really blown away by these beers and felt that they preferred these over the hopped-up beers from last week.

No Beer tasting this week but more to come next month.

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