Fierce Beer – Very Big Moose

Imperial Chocolate Stout • 12.0 % ABV • Aberdeen, Scotland
(A Collaboration With BrewDog – Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

Next in the Fierce Beer, Moose Trio is one that caused quite a stir as the winner of Brewdog’s Collabfest in 2017, the recent re-release at the Punk AGM in 2018 and one that my buddy Bob was absolutely raving about when it was received at our local bar In Cardiff.

Due to the sheer number of beers at Brewdog’s Collabfest last year, I didn’t get around to trying this one as it wasn’t available on the day my buddy and I popped by.
I was glad to finally get a bottle when our Cardiff Brewdog bar brought some in and my pay packet arrived.

Very Big Moose takes everything we know and love about the traditional Mousse Moose and ups the ante with additional Madagascan Vanilla, Colombian Cacao, Cinnamon and a little salt.
Let’s not forget about that boost to imperial strength ABV.

I’m expecting similar traits to mousse Moose with velvety and smooth body but with a more complex range of flavours and a little warmth to really set it off.
According to Brewdog, “It drinks really well at room temp, chilled, or with an ice cream float“.

Let’s pop that cap and dive in!

Appearance Very Big Moose is on top form with an opaque black colour and produces a rich, tan head which settles at the surface but clings to the edges.
The beer itself looks ultra-rich not just from the luscious liquid but from the fine, foamy bubbles.
Aroma Really smooth with a little roast and sweet malt along with subtle chocolate notes.
There is a little fruitiness which my wife though was similar to that of morello cherries and a warming booziness from the 12% ABV.
Flavour This is just full on chocolate milkshake with subtle roast notes from the malt and an over-riding sweetness from the cacao and spice from the vanilla & Cinnamon.
An excellent flavour and in my opinion, a perfect thing to behold!
Mouthfeel The oats, along with the malts have helped to produce a very rich body whilst the tight bubbles that form in the mouth create a slick, chewiness which gives a rich milkshake effect.
Despite the high ABV, it’s not as boozy in mouthfeel as I was expecting.
This is likely the rich body taking control, but still lovely and warming on the way down.
Overall The Mousse Moose range have been an absolute delight to try so far and this literally seals the deal once again.
Big malts, big chocolate, big flavour – Very Big Moose!
If you haven’t had a chance to try this gem, get onto Brewdog quick before they are all gone.This frankly is the ultimate chocolate stout and I dare say anyone will come up with anything better.
Ratebeer seems to concur with the 100 overall rating and 96 style rating.


If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Very Big Moose.

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