Bruery Terreux – Frucht: Raspberry


Berliner Weisse • 4.3 % ABV • Orange County, California

Pay day has finally arrived and what better way to spend that hard-earned cash, than on a selection of new beers for the coming weeks?

One of the gems that I picked up comes from Bruery Terreux, known for producing some really good sour and wild beers. Mind, here in the UK, we do pay a hefty premium to enjoy them.
Thankfully, Brewdog managed to get their greasy paws on a range of them so I could take advantage of my Brewdog Equity discount.
Being no stranger to the quality of the sours that Bruery Terreux produce, I knew that I would be in safe hands and that the beer would be in the ball.

The bottle I picked up is part of their Frucht sour range and is all about the raspberries.
I’m expecting a tart flavour profile with a low abv that really showcases the fruit well. Offering the funkiness you would expect from this style of fermentation and unique notes from the oak foeders used.

This is a special moment, let’s dive in!

Appearance Frucht Raspberry is red in colour and a little cloudy.
The head bubbles up nicely showing a really pleasant pink hue. It holds itself for about 20 – 30 seconds then settles down to surface completely.
Aroma Raspberry fruit aroma all the way and it sings.
You get a blend of sharp sourness which moves to a smooth and jam sweetness.
Right at the back is an unusual, funky oak aroma that must come from the foudre that the beer ferments in.
The aroma is so vibrant.
Flavour The sourness is very sharp & citric, so much so that it zings the mouth and toungue.
Then the raspberry elements move in to offer some sweet fruit and jam like qualities that help to balance things out.
Once the sour notes eventually move on, you are left with a biscuit base at both flavour and retro-nazal level.
This really is one sexy sour beer!
Mouthfeel Subtle on the carbonation and so damned sharp.
The sour elements really get the toungue and the back of the throat buzzing, very citric and tart.
The zinging sensation lasts for ages after swallowing but still allows the other sweeter and lighter elements to have a chance to shine.
A touch of astringent lending to the sour level of the beer.

Such a light and refreshing berliner weisse.

Overall Christ on a bike, this is one powerful beer that dials the sour elements all the way up to eleven.
Even with this, the delicate raspberry flavours manage to fight their way through to offer plenty of fruit whilst you can still make out a biscuit base from the grain bill.

This is one hell of a beer and worth the big bucks!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Bruery Terreux and their Raspberry Berliner Weisse.

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