Beer Tasting at Work – 27/04/2018

Last Friday came and went as it does every week.
Despite the weather being damp out there, I didn’t let things get in the way of the first of my bottle share sessions at work.

I had the opportunity to take some team members out of their comfort zone and introduce them to the weird and wonderful world of craft beer.
Generally, they have drunk a few ales and various lagers (Some crafty ones) but nothing to the extremities that I’ll be showcasing in the coming sessions.

I chose one dark and one light beer to give the team an insight into the differences between hopped up beers and their malt forward brethren.
This would also allow me to gauge some of their preferences.

The beers that I chose for this week are from Tiny Rebel, based in Rogerstone (Close to Newport) to keep things close to home.
Having worked with them for a month, I’ve a good idea of the beers they produce and can be sure of the quality of the offerings.

Beer 1 – Dutty – Vermont Session IPA

One of the latest to hit the packaged range and in a cheeky new can no less.
Dutty is all about the fresh fruity juiciness and less about the bitter harshness.
With a silky-smooth body, this should be nice and accessible for the team.

Beer 2 – Stay Puft – Marshmallow Porter

Bit of a mind blower and one I’m hoping will go down well.
With toasted marshmallows and smoky, dark malts, Its a traditional campfire past time put into beer form.
A really well received beer that has spawned various versions including a Chocolate Puft and a 9% Imperial Puft.

The beer tasting was a huge success for a first time event.

We started the session with four people and before long had escalated to seven people including other teams and senior staff.
A testament to the beer industry and how just a couple of beers can really bring people together.
Thankfully, I’d brought along extra helpings of beers so that all seven of my colleagues could get involved and air their opinions of the beers on show.

In a change to my expectations, Dutty was the one to blow everyone’s minds as to what craft beer is all about.
The general consensus was that it tasted like lilt with its smooth juicy body and the carbonation. Another comment was that it was like orange juice without the alcohol.
Everyone (And I mean everyone) thought Dutty was delicious and surprising. To the point where if others saw Dutty in the shops, they would jump on it in a heartbeat.

Stay Puft seemed to split opinion.
Initially, everyone who tried it thought that it was a bit much and the flavours were unusual.
One of my colleagues mentioned that it was “Thought Provoking”.
Most of the team said that Coffee was the over-riding flavour but could certainly get the sweetness and the marshmallow.
The more that the team tasted the beer, the more they could start to appreciate the flavour and understand what it was offering.
Even to the point of perhaps enjoying a small glass of it whilst out, but certainly not a whole bottle.

I’m looking forward to seeing reactions for the next session.



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