Barry Beer Ale Republic

After a few discussions this weekend, I thought it might be a really interesting idea to create a group focused on the beer scene in Barry, which I feel has a lot of promise.
It just needs a little push as well as the bringing together of people and businesses to really kick things up a notch.

Let me introduce you to the Barry Beer & Ale Republic (BBAR) Group.

With Cities like Cardiff and Bristol really paving the way for the beer industry, with the vast selection of pubs and bars, I thought it would be great to develop a group based in Barry to give our little town a chance at showing what we’ve got.

Whilst Barry may not have those established names, it has some great independents and plenty of bars that could potentially get involved.
Heck, we even have brewery on our doorstep in the form of VOG Brewery which is cool.

This group is designed to bring like-minded people in and around Barry together.
Whether you like your craft beer or your real ales, it doesn’t matter.

I’d like to start working with local businesses to look at opportunities for bottle share groups, tap takeovers and even meet the brewer events to raise Barry’s beer profile and draw more awesome businesses our way.
If you sell quality beers and brews get in touch where you’ll get a mention in the Barry Beer & Ale Republic (BBAR) group and on

If your interested in being a part of this revolution, be sure to follow and get involved where you can.
Perhaps let us know where you’ve been and what is behind the bar or in those fridges.
It would great to build a bit of a roadmap for others to show the best that Barry has to offer.

Check the group out by clicking the Barry Beer & Ale Republic (BBAR) link.

Give us a follow and a share if you have a few seconds, it would be really appreciated!

You can now join in on Twitter right here!


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