I’m a Certified Beer Server


Brewdog recently announced that they were offering equity shareholders an opportunity to become a ‘Certified Beer Server’ at a discounted rate.
They have already managed to get 100% of their crew members up to the standard and are now looking to get 1000 shareholders up to this level.

The qualification is designed to give an understanding of beery fundamentals including beer styles, storing beer, the perfect pour and much, much more.

One dark and early morning, I was unable to sleep and having bought some shares many years ago, I had everything that I needed to give the test a go.
£39.20 down, 60 questions and 30 minutes later – I had successfully passed the test and earned myself the rank of Certified Beer Server.

I even get a certification and a little badge in the post.

I’m Not quite a Cicerone yet, but I’m well on my way and need to decide if pushing further is a worthwhile venture.
It certainly gives some grounding to the reviews that I write.

Time will tell.

Never did get back to sleep.


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