Papa’s Gravy

As well as an awesome roast, my Dad still produces the most awesome gravy with little effort!

My dad would combine three key ingredients to make the up the gravy recipe, including cooking Oil, Self Raising Flour and plenty of Beef Oxo cubes.
They would all be combined in a huge pan which is heated up and topped with plenty of boiling water.
An electric blender gives the necessary power to bring it altogether until the right consistency is formed.

I produce my gravy in a similar way now and make use of any juices from the roast as well as boiled cooking water from the vegetables to top things up.
Introducing flavour wherever I can and saving on the washing up.

This recipe can be produced in a clean pan from scratch or you can use the baking tray that the meat was roasting in.

  • 40g Butter
  • 40g Flour
  • 2 Beef Oxo Cubes
  • 450ml Water
  • Any Juices From Your Roast
  1. Melt the butter in a pan over a medium heat until there is no solid left, then add the flour bit by bit and mix well until smooth – Cook the mixture off a little to remove flouriness from the finished gravy and take off the heat.
  2. Crumble your Oxo cubes into the pan and mix well. Things will look fairly dry and unappealing at this point but stay with me….
  3. Place back on the heat again and gradually start to add the boiling water. Whisk in well until you have the consistency you are looking for.
  4. Now that you have your base gravy, let this cook through and season well.
    You can add any dried herbs you like including thyme, rosemary or sage as well as any meat juice from your roast.
  5. All you need to do now, is let everything infuse ready for the main event.

Any other pointers?

The gravy base can be made ahead of time so that you can focus on more pressing matters like getting that meat perfect or those roasties crunchy.
Just be sure that when the gravy is made, a layer of clingfilm is spread over the top of the pan and comes in contact with the surface of the gravy.
This will stop a skin from forming.

Remember the pan that the chicken was cooked in?
You can use a baster to capture all the proper meat juices from the pan and put into a separate jug.
Place a sieve over the jug and press roasted vegetables & garlic through to get even more flavour.
Now, you can add a little butter to the baking tray and prepare the gravy as per the directions above.
Add all those awesome vegetable and meat juices once the base gravy is looking good.

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