Northern Monk / Verdant / Deya / YCH Hops – Hop City DIPA

Double IPA • 8.4 % ABV • Northern Monk / Verdant / Deya / YCH Hops

The next beer on the cards comes from a four-way of beer brewing awesomeness.

Northern Monk, Verdant, Deya and YCH Hops have come together to produce a beer that makes use of an unusual and experimental hop known only as HBC438.
HBC438 has been cultivated in America and is known for its Citrus, Stone fruit, Tropical Fruit, Herbal and coconut giving properties.

Along with the experimental HBC438, this DIPA also packs in additional Citra, Mozaic & Amarillo hoppage together with malted wheat, malted oats and flaked wheat to help build up the body of the beer too.

With all this brewing knowledge and skill coming together to make use of such an unusual hop, why not label things up in the  fanciest way possible.
A black backing with reflective gold trim paired with a label that actually opens from the middle, revealing lots of information about the beer itself and the festival to which the name has come from.

Visually and technically, this can is a work of craftsmanship!


I’m expecting this brewskie to be phenomenal yet unusual.

Time to crack things open and try it out!

Appearance Hop City DIPA is golden in colour and produces a small white head which dissipate quickly. A few bubbles manage to hold their weight around the edge of the glass and on the surface.
Bubbles can be seen rising from the base of the glass through the slightly hazy body of the DIPA.
Despite the small head, there is still plenty of life in the beer to keep it looking great.
Aroma The aroma is intensely fresh and vibrant, kicking things off with pineapple, orange and citrus fruits.
A sweetness really helps to push the pineapple aroma to the forefront whilst the sharper aromas offer support.
Plenty of pine notes can be picked up towards the end.This all about the hops.
Flavour The flavour doesn’t disappoint at all, sending your taste buds in all sorts of directions.
The tropical fruit, citrus and in particular the pineapple get the ball rolling whilst I also get a little peach coming through.
The sheer amount of fruit that can be made out in this beer give an almost fruity verging on sour flavour.
As things start to settle, you are left with a fairly smooth bitterness which settles things nicely.
Nicely balanced and nothing overpowering at all.
Mouthfeel The malts used to produce this DIPA help to give a really smooth and rich mouthfeel whilst the seltzer like carbonation helps to push those sharp and citric sensations which get the tongue tingling.
The hops themselves give some dryness which can be picked up at the back of the tongue too.
Just a touch of astringency but nothing off-putting at all.
Overall I can’t get over the sheer intensity of the fruitiness and hoppiness in this beer.
You are led into a sensory overload with the vibrant fruit in the aroma, the tropical & peachy flavours, the seltzer like carbonation and the dry yet hopped up bitterness at the end.This is one hell of a DIPA and unique for its style.


If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Hop City DIPA.

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