To Øl – Sur NEIPA: Citra & Mosaic

Sour/Wild Ale • 5.0 % ABV • Denmark – Gypsy Brewery

I had an opportunity to try one of the tastiest NEIPA beers I’ve had in a long time.
I’d go as far as to say that this could be one of my highest rated IPA beers.

Sur NEIPA is a sour mashed New England style IPA from Danish, gypsy brewer heavyweights – To Øl.
A blending of both hoppy & sour, but not too much of either with an injection of Citra and Mosaic Hops.
To Øl say to expect a quick shot of hoppy bitterness followed by citrus notes, lime and spice.

If you can get your hands on one of these bad boys, then grab it quick and drink it ultra-fresh.

Appearance Sur NEIPA is a rich and golden colour beer which produces a lively yet frothy, white head which stays for days.
Cloudy too.
Lots of rising bubbles from the base of the glass make this look like an exciting beer.
Aroma The aroma is hops, hops and more hops.
A big floral hoppiness comes in at the forefront and moves swiftly into a delicious sweet fruitiness.
Lots of red berries and strawberries along with a little sharp lemon.
Really full, vibrant and exciting.
Flavour The flavour blends the elements of a sharp and punch sour and moves swiftly into a somewhat dry and resinous hoppiness.
It leaves a little bitterness at the back of the tongue.
Imagine a blend of fruit salad chewy sweets and lemon sherbert.
As the temperature rises, you can get more of the sweetness.None of the elements overpower each other and thing blend really well – No harshness at all.
Mouthfeel Not quite as rich as other NEIPAs that I’ve tried, but this is likely due to the sour notes zinging and lifting the mouthfeel up.
Nicely carbonated with lots of tight and small bubbles which come together in the mouth to help give a chewy texture.
My tongue is absolutely singing from the tart and tangy nature of the sourness as well as the bitterness of the hops!
Overall Sur NEIPA is quite literally one of the nicest IPA’s of any kind that I have had a in a good long time.

The aroma matches up neatly with the flavour and you are sent to sensory town with all Its balanced elements
From the sharp sour, to the lemon sherbert, onward to the fruit salad sweetness and finally to the resinous hops with their lingering bitterness.

Sur NEIPA is yet another gem by Tool with awesome artwork to match.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of To Øl’s – Sur NEIPA.

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