Magic Rock Brewing – Sour Passion

Mango & Passion Fruit Gose • 4.7 % ABV • Huddersfield, England

Back to the beer reviews, my next beer was delivered as part of my recent Brewdog delivery.
Having had far too many pales and stouts over the past week, I thought it would make a nice change to sour things up a little.

Today I’ll give Sour Passion a go by Magic Rock.
Magic Rock describe Sour Passion as being inspired by their German style gose, Salty Kiss.
Sour Passion kicks things up a notch with a tropical twist by including such fruits as passion fruit, mango, lemon and lime as well as a touch of acidulated malts.
Expect tropical fruit punch mixed with lemonade to get an idea of the intention.

The can artwork is zany as usual, this time around looking like a selection of faces that have literally sucked the juice from a lemon. The resulting look has been frozen for posterity around the outside of the can.
Those circles that look like eyes are as if they are tripping on acid!

Let’s dive in.

Appearance Sour Passion is a light golden colour and plenty cloudy.
When poured directly from the can, a small-off white head forms which settles really quickly – This is pretty typical for these sorts of beers.
A quick spin of the glass brings it back again so promises some carbonation at the taste test.
Aroma Tropical fruit all the way.
Things kick off with the big sour notes of passion fruit, lemon and lime then settle onto the subtle and sweeter notes of the mango at the end.
Fresh, tart and tangy.
Flavour You really want to take your time and savour the flavour as the flavours seem to settle quickly.
Big citrus and passion fruit flavour kicks things off and move onto a light, pithy bitterness finally settling on the almost savoury saltiness.
The bitterness is really pleasant and doesn’t linger at all.
Swallow it too quickly and you’ll miss the flavours – hold onto things for a little longer to make the most of each of the elements.
Mouthfeel A medium-low bodied beer with a really nice level of carbonation which works well with those sour notes. It helps to keep things crisp.
A little agitation causes those bubbles to really liven up and creates a chewiness on the texture.
A bigger body than I was expecting but still delicious and light.
Overall Sour Passion is a gose that showcases the tropical fruits well.
Offering varying flavours and aromas from the sour, to the sweet and the salty.
Where the aroma is nice and powerful, the flavour is more subtle and is one that you really need to take your time over.
Savour the flavour and you will be rewarded with more of the fruity elements and a lasting flavour.A crisp and refreshing beer that makes light of all this rubbish snow and rain – Would make a perfect summer beer

At the time, my wife and I were enjoying one of those Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. Paired with this beer, it gives the mango more opportunity to sing over the sharper ingredients and works surprisingly well.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Magic Rocks’ Sour Passion.

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