Khakli – A Snacked up pairing


Back in December 2016, I was lucky enough to have my name pulled out of the glorious Craft Beer Hour bowl and received the gift of Karkli during a special snack themed event.

As they were so delicious, I put a cheeky request in to Karkli directly to see if they would be happy to send a few samples my way to arrange a beer pairing session that I could share with my awesome readers.
They were happy to oblige, even to going as far as sending a personalised video of them being packed for delivery!

I’d mostly prepared this piece but due to going through the house buying process and the move, I’d overlooked posting it live for all to read.
So, with a few fine tuned adjustments, here is the piece in all It’s glory!

Karkli – A Snacked Up Pairing

Karkli are deep fried snacks made from a mixture of flours and lentil flours blended with a selection of spices. They range from soft and aromatic all the way up to demonic and hot.

To produce their unique shape, the ingredients are mixed into a dough where they are pushed into a chakali maker (Twirly Device). The twirly handle then presses the dough through an opening at the other end.
The formed shapes are then fried in hot oil to produce the long, crunchy and pointy snacks that we know and love as Karkli.

They currently come in three flavours including Original, Coriander and Fiery Ghost Fiery Ghost Naga Chillis.


Original Karkli

Karkli say “The original ones, as made by Mama Kolar, using the same recipe as Grandma Karkli.  All about the crunch, and then the slow gentle warmth of cumin, enough spice to keep you interested but not too much to overpower your taste buds”.

Corriander Karkli

Karkli say “These little gems are packed with the aromatic flavours of coriander seeds and caraway seeds.  They have a little bit of chilli, but its all about the flavours here“.

Fiery Ghost Naga Chillis Karkli

Karkli say “These bad boys are definitely one for the chilli heads.  There’s nothing like pleasure with pain.  Full of flavour and heat.  You will first get the smokey fruity flavours on the side of your tongue from Habanero Chillis, then on the back of your tongue the ghost naga chillis will creep up and make itself known“.

The Pairings


Stone & Wood – Garden Ale – Paired with Classic Karkli

The idea behind this paring was to have something subtle and easy that wouldn’t overpower the aromatics and the subtle spices.
Something simple, like a light and sessionable pale would be well placed here.

I opted for Garden Ale by Stone & Wood which makes use of pale and crystal malts as well as Australian Ella hops to produce a light and drinkable session pale.
Coming in at an easy ABV of 3.5%, Garden Ale offers a subtle grainy sweetness along  light floral and spice notes as a result of the Ella hops.

The gentle spice and saltiness of the classic Karkli pair really well with the light garden ales floral and sweet notes really well.
Neither the beer or the karkli overpower each other.

Brew by Numbers – Huell Melon (Table Saison) – Paired with Coriander Karkli

On recommendation by the Karkli Chomp Master, our next pairing comes in the form of Huell Melon from Brew By Numbers.
Another light and sessionable beer with a low ABV of 3.5%
This time a fruity saison offering hints of strawberry and melon from the unique Huell Melon hops used in the brew.

By chance I had a bottle in my collection.
The pleasant fruit flavours from the hops and the sessionable nature of this table saison really do blend well with the subtle spice and coriander of the karkli.

Brewdog – Hardcore IPA – Paired with Fiery Ghost Naga Chillis Karkli

Remembering just how hot the Chilli Karkli were from my first round, I knew that this paring was going to need to be something powerful to cut through the extremities heat of the ghost naga chilli along with the blend of spices.

The best course of action was to counter with something equally is powerful on the boozy front – Enter Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA.
A big, bold, fruity and hoppy IPA with an imperial ABV of 9.2%
offering additional hits of aniseed, malty sweet malt and a little warmth.

By default, double IPAs work wonders with heavily spiced and hot foods.
Not only does Hardcore IPA take on the big spices and high heat of the Ghost Naga Chillies, it also helps to cool down the heat after each fiery bite.



You can buy Karkli directly from their webshop for £2.05 a pack along with a flat rate for delivery of £6.50

From time to time, Karkli arrange produce limited edition flavours that you’ve got to be quick to snap up.
One such flavour was a collaboration with Weird Beard Brew Co, where they came up with a Ginger & Lemon flavour which I imagine would have been phenomenal.

Big thanks to Karkli for supplying the treats!


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