Brewdog – Kamikaze Knitting Club

Maple Stout • 7.5 % ABV • Ellen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

My reviews are finally back and with the recent delivery of two fairly packed Brewdog cases, it would seem appropriate to choose one of their “Wild Cards” from the case that comes hot on the heels of Pump Action Poet, Nine to Five Wizard and Semi-Skimmed Occultist.

At the time of writing, all information pertaining to Kamikaze Knitting Club has vanished from Brewdog’s website and instead are showing this image below.
This includes a blog piece that added to market the new beer as well as its listing in the shop.

Kamikaze Knitting Club is a 7.5% ABV maple stout that combines dark malts with the Canadian favourite of maple syrup.
Sorachi Ace hops are added which should impart their unique blend of citrus and herbal notes.
I’m expecting the stout classics of coffee and chocolate along with a blend of rich sweetness from the syrup and a touch of citrus and unusual herbs from the hops.

Let’s crack this one open and see what it’s all about!

Appearance Kamikaze Knitting Club is dark in colour though it is possible to make out perfectly clear ruby-red highlights though the beer itself.
A foamy Tan head forms which does a good job of hanging around and clings to the glass nicely giving some promising visuals.
Aroma The darker and richer notes come in at the beginning with roast malts and coffee which them moves into the sweeter hits of maple and finally a strange herbal kick from the hops comes in towards the end.
The hops certainly bring something different to the show.
Flavour Lots of rich coffee and sweet molasses notes at the beginning which fade out really quickly, Leaving you with burnt notes from the dark malts and a sharp hop bitterness at the end which lingers.
I’m not a fan of the bitterness that is left over and would have preferred the flavour to have more punch as well as last longer.
A little spiciness in the form of liquorice can be picked up on the sides of the tongue.
Mouthfeel The carbonation produces lots of small bubbles which helps to offer some body and a little chewiness. This levels out leaving what seems like a fairly thin body for a typical stout.
The higher than normal ABV offers up a little warmth on the tongue.
Overall Not an unpleasant drinking experience by any stretch, but with a name like Kamikaze you expect an “Explosive” flavour.
Things seem subtler in nature and the flavour levels out quickly leaving that lingering bitter flavour.

With the hop addition and the lighter body, this maple stout seem to fit somewhere between a stout and a black IPA

With the awesome artwork creating quite a sexy looking can, the exciting name and the premise for the beer, Kamikaze Knitting Club had such promise but, in this case, it just didn’t live up to the expectation.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Kamikaze Knitting Club.

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