Tiny Rebel – Sugar Rush


Imperial Stout • 8.0 % ABV • Rogerstone, Newport, Wales

Years of tasting beers, visiting festivals, judging homebrew attempts and generally getting my name out there in the beery world has finally paid off.

My next beer review comes a local Welsh brewery who have been awesome enough to offer me the role of brewery administrator. Thus giving me the opportunity to build up my experience and the opportunity to leave my mark in the brewery industry.

To celebrate this awesome news, I took a little trip to Tiny Rebel in Cardiff and collected a bottle or two of Sugar Rush, after hearing the news of the unusual style and flavours that have gone into their new stout.

Tiny Rebel describe Sugar Rush as being “A rich stout base with biscuity and dark fruit notes, with chocolate and cherry for traybake flavours, cola and marshmallow for a hint of Pick ‘n Mix and a big whack of lactose to make it all creamier than a Mr. Whippy”.

Working with WalesOnline, Tiny Rebel announced a competition for someone to come up with a design for the label and win themselves a years supply of this cheeky little number.
Dave Hill, A marketing and campaign Manager from Leamington was the lucky winner.
You can read his story here.

If Tiny Rebel’s recent effort, Stay Puft, is anything to go by, then Sugar Rush is going to be an absolute gem.

Time to pop the cap and give it a whirl!

Appearance Sugar Rush Produces a deep brown head which handles itself pretty well after pouring.
The colour is deep, rich and black. So much so, that not even light can penetrate its rich and luscious body.
Aroma Lots of interesting aromas come from Sugar Rush.
An interesting range of aromas come from Sugar Rush including roast malts that offer some espresso notes, chocolate adds a sweet indulgent nature, whilst the  marshmallow adds an additional sweet and creamy element to the aroma.
Flavour Sugar Rush gets the party started with its deep, dark and sweet elements.
A rich chocolate balances really well with the sweet yet creamy marshmallow.
The cherry kicks in and adds a tangy yet tart fruitiness once the sweeter elements settle on down.
Sugar Rush ends with a bitter yet roast malt finish which lasts and lasts.
Almost mocha coffee in flavour but so indulgent and delicious.
Mouthfeel Lightly carbonated with a smooth and rich body.
Leaves a little stickiness on the mouth and leaves you feeling warm and totally content.
It would make the perfect Winter warmer.
Overall Reminiscent of Stay Puft but the additional elements make it more complex and special.

I’m totally taken back to the days of the pre-prepared 10p mix in my local corner shop. Mixing a whole host of sweet and sour flavours without a worry in the world.

I can see this one being another gem in the Tiny Rebel arsenal.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @hop_pilot and let me know what you thought of Sugar Rush.

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