Dugges / Stillwater – Cocoa Cacao


Imperial Stout • 11.5 % ABV • Landvetter, Sweden / Maryland, USA

Whilst Brewdog are kicking things off with their Stoutfest 2 this evening, I’ll be keeping the dream alive with some imperial stoutage all of my very own after popping by earlier this afternoon.

My lunchtime visit gave me an opportunity to try whats on offer this evening and I was absolutely blown away by Anderson Valley’s Huge Arker.
A 13.5% imperial stout that isn’t afraid to get things warm in your mouth though its use of Wild Turkey bourbon barrels whilst giving the smoothest and most aromatic flavours of chocolate & vanilla.

Makes me sad that I won’t be making an appearance.

That said, tonight’s tasting is going to be an absolute delight thanks to the combined efforts of Dugges and Stillwater with their totally awesome Cocoa Cacao

Combining plenty of cacao, vanilla, coconut and rye, Dugges and Stillwater have promised a beer that pushes distinct, clear and punchy flavours.
Cocoa Cacao is inspired by everyone’s favourite candy bar, a chocolate bar in a bottle.

I’m looking forward to cracking this cap open muchly!

Appearance  Cocoa Cacao is a deep brown to black colour which shows some faint ruby highlights with a light shone through it.
It Produces a small and seltzer like brown head on the top which settles quickly.
Aroma  The aroma is pure cocoa/cacao, chocolate along with plenty of sweet malts. The vanilla helps to develop a smoothness to the overall aroma.
Furthers still, you can pick up the dark malts including the spicy rye right at the very back
You get a little warmth in the back of the throat from the cheeky ABV too.
Flavour The flavour punches you with a big chocolate hit that begins with bitter, dark chocolate and moves through the shades to a smooth, light and creamy chocolate. The smooth and spicy vanilla can be tasted throughout, keeping things sweet and luxurious.
A really light bitterness from the darker malts and hops comes in at the end but these don’t detract from the chocolate in any way.
Mouthfeel Cocoa Cacao gives a full body as well as being Smooth, rich and silky. It offers a medium to light carbonation which tingles the tongue and gives some alcohol warmth on the way down.
Imagine a rich, hot chocolate without the hot temperature.
Overall  There is no mistaking that this is all the about the chocolate.

This is by far the sexiest and most delicious beer that combines chocolate and one of my favourite styles of beer.
Dugges, You are absolute legends!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Cocoa Cacao.

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