Arundel Brewery / Bison Beer – Strawberries & Cream IPA


IPA • 6.0 % ABV • Arundel / Brighton, England

Next on the list is a joint effort by Arundel Brewery and Bison Beer.

This is looking to be a part of a new range known as Deserted Planet where the intention is to brew small batch beers that represent some of our favourite sweets and desserts from times gone by.

Strawberries & Cream IPA is the first in the range and makes use of wheat and oats for body as well as lactose, An unfermentable sugar, which helps to bolster the body and add some sweetness too.
The idea is to drink these super fresh, so it goes without saying. If you comes across one, you have little choice but to buy it and drink it right away!

I had the privilege of cracking this open into a brand spanking new Arundel Brewery glass with a somewhat unusual shape.
It shares similarities with IPA glasses where I believe the shape of the glass is designed to enhance the aroma by helping to produce more bubbles leading to a better head.

Taste time!

Appearance Strawberries & Cream is straw to light golden in colour with plenty of cloudiness. produces a lively white head formed of small white bubbles with good staying power.
Visible bubbles rising from the base of the glass to the top.
Aroma Gives a really smooth and sweet cream aroma which comes from the lactose along with a pleasant strawberry fruit aroma.
A light yet suitable clever piece of craftsmanship.
Flavour A fine balance of the sweet lactose to give the cream effect blends really well with the fruity strawberries.
A little tartness balances things out and stops the IPA becoming too sweet.
To finish things up, a subtle yet lingering hop bitterness comes in at the end.
Mouthfeel Strawberries & Cream is a smooth and creamy beer that most certainly showcases the strawberry and cream brief well.
The oats and wheat help to offer body whilst the lactose and strawberries build the flavour.
I picked up on some tart fruit which zinged the side of my tongue once things settled.
Light with an element of seltzer in terms of carbonation.
Overall The elements of Strawberry and cream IPA remind me of those strawberry and cream Campino sweets that were easily accessible back in the day.
Not sure we can even get them in the UK anymore?

As a fruity beer and a concept, it hits the marks.
I feel that Strawberries & Cream has more in common with a fruity wheat beer, minus the esters as opposed to a hopped up IPA.
I was able to pick up hops but only towards the end in a subtle bitterness form.

That said, the cleverness of the flavour resulted in me being taken all the way back my days at school, sucking on those classic Campino sweets so that really makes it stand out in my eyes!

Can’t wait for the next in the series of Deserted Planet Beers.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Strawberries & Cream IPA.

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