Arundel Brewery – Tarrant Street


Pale Ale (Table Beer) • 3.4 % ABV • Arundel, England

All the way from West Sussex, the next beer I’ll be tucking into comes from Arundel Brewery.

The can comes with a bird’s eye view of Arundel and uses a distinct colour to highlight the length of the street that the beer is linked with, as well as forming the text on the can.
The label is also one of those premium, roughly textured labels too.

I like how the cans give an idea of what you can expect on the street and tries to tie this in with the overall style of the beer.
In this case, “Tarrant Street is a vibrant shopping street filled with independent shops and galleries, well worth a visit if you are in West Sussex“.

Tarrant Street is described as a smooth, easy drinking 3.4% pale ale with lots of hoppy juiciness and relatively low bitterness.

Time to crack it open – Cheers!

Appearance On pouring, Tarrant street produces a lively white head made up of a mixture of smaller and larger bubbles. The retention here is fairly good.
The Table Beer itself is a rich looking pale golden colour with plenty of cloudiness. So much so that I can’t even see the details on the other side of the glass.
Aroma The aroma gives lots of fresh hop aromas including mango, passion fruit and citrus. More on the tart and vibrant spectrum.
A very subtle malt sweetness kicks in right at the back.
Flavour The Flavour is packed with fresh and citrus zest flavour  from the first mouthful.
slightly sweet, with particularly grainy malts that come in when the hopped up fruitiness settles down.
Subtle bitterness at the end which lingers in the back of the throat.
Mouthfeel Gives a medium level of carbonation.
A light and easy pale ale with a smooth and pleasant body.
Really creamy and chewy head following a little agitation in the mouth.
leaves you with a drying sensation on the tongue.
Overall An easy drinking and sessionable beer that offers plenty of hop goodness and a balance of malts

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Tarrant Street.

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