Arundel Brewery – Maltravers Street


Following on from my review of Arundel Breweries: Tarrant Street, my next tasting comes in the form of a session IPA known as Maltravers Street.

Maltravers Street continues the “Street” theme with a another birds eye view of Arundel, complete with a distinct blue colour that highlights the street and forms the text of the can.
Yet more premium rough textured cannage that I can’t stop stroking.

Arundel Brewery have provided another description of the street that ties in with the style of the beer, “Maltravers Street in Arundel is full of interesting and quirky houses, perfect for a sunday stroll!

They also describe this session IPA as being a wonderfully fruity 4.2% pale ale packed with Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

Lets level things up and crack open the next in the range!

Session IPA • 4.2 % ABV • Arundel, England

Appearance Maltravers Street Produces a lively white head on pouring, made up of tight white bubbles which hold up well.
It’s Pale golden in colour and fairly cloudy.
Aroma Big hop aromas of citrus, zest and pine kick things off on the forefront whilst a very small amount of supportive sweet malt comes in towards the back.
Flavour The hops do all the singing here.
Plenty of fruit and pine at the beginning along with a spicy/pepper as time goes on a little further in.
A big hop bitterness comes in at the end which lingers on at the back of the throat
Mouthfeel Offers a medium / light carbonation but with a zesty, seltzer like quality about it which really gets the side of the tongue tingling.
A Medium / light body with a bitterness level that leaves the back of the throat a little dry after swallowing.
Overall Maltravers Street is a light and sessionable beer that hits the marks in terms of flavour and ABV.
interesting piney and peppery flavours make it stand out on its own as a session IPA.

The lasting bitterness at the end is great, but I wonder how many Maltravers Street cans I could enjoy before the dryness of the bitter level becomes too much?

Only one way to find out….

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Maltravers Street.

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