Siren Craft Brew – Project Barista


With another spare weekend in our midst whilst we wait to move into our newly bought house, I thought it might be nice to crack open even more specialness in beer form and pop up a new review.
This time around, we reached for Siren Craft Brew’s Project Barista range.

Siren’s aim was to take their relationship between beer and coffee in a whole new direction by blending and using coffee in very different ways.
Back in June, they came up with four unique ideas and styles which really showcase what is possible and what can be achieved following clever brewing.

With the range containing everything from lighter kettle sours, all the way up to rich and dark imperial stouts, there is something for everyone in this range.

I’m really looking forward to cracking these open and trying them out.
With this amount of coffee, I’m concerned that it could be a very, very long night…

Lets find out!


Turkish • Imperial Stout With Coffee • 10.0 % ABV • Finchampstead, England

Loaded with 45kg of Thai coffee beans and added at three intervals throughout the brewing process. Also including vanilla, orange zest, nutmeg and a massive 420kg of figs to the fermented beer.
Described an as being a lovely smooth imperial stout with spicy notes, a citrus sweetness and a sound body.

Appearance Turkish was Rich and black in colour with no opacity at all. Even with a light shone through the stout, there was seeing through it.
On pouring, a light brown head forms which settles quicker than that of the Americano. This is Likely due to the higher ABV.
Aroma This imperial stout is all about the malts and coffee.
Lots of rich coffee and dark/roasted malts which offer smoky and spicy notes. Some sweetness comes from the use of lactose and cocoa nibs.
There was an overall tobacco style hit from the aroma which was really pleasant.
Flavour Lots of smoke and spice kick things off from the dark malts and vanilla. This leads into the sweeter lactose and cocoa.
Finally, the coffee blends in with the dark malts to work their magic and emphasize those darker, burnt notes.
A lasting bitterness lingers at the back of the throat for some time after swallowing
The tobacco notes shine through here in the flavour too.
Mouthfeel A Full bodied imperial stout with a little smooth carbonation which builds up a rather chewy texture.
The ABV doesn’t shy away here, offering plenty of warmth and heat on the way down whilst getting the tongue going with a tingling effect. Slightly sticky/syrupy on the mouth
Overall An accomplished imperial stout that showcases everything really well in terms of aroma, flavour, body and mouthfeel.
Complex is an understatement and our favourite of the series.


Americano • Double IPA With Coffee • 9.1 % ABV • Finchampstead, England

A strong hot coffee was brewed up by Quarter Horse Coffee in Birmingham and added to the beer right before packaging.
Americano is loaded with Citra, Columbus, Cascade and Chinook hops as well as Mosaic Cryo Powder.
Siren mention that there is 21 grams of hoppage per litre.

Appearance Americano is cola brown in colour and very hazy.
It Produces a light tan head made up of tight bubbles which help the head to last for some time after pouring.
Looks very rich and offers a really unusual colour.
Aroma Big, sharp berry and citrus hops kick things off and lead to a roast coffee\dark malt aroma towards the back.
I’d liken this to a black IPA in aroma.
Smells fresh and vibrant whilst still offering plenty of body with the richer and darker aromas.
Flavour Kicks things off with a massive hop flavour which hits you from all angles with aromatic berries and citrus. This leads to darker coffee roast flavour and burnt malts.
A big lasting hop bitterness blends with the coffee roast to keep things going long after swallowing.
Makes a change from all the ultra vibrant and fesh DIPAs out there. Bold, strong and full!

The bitterness is almost dark ale in quality but you still know you’re tucking into a DIPA.

Mouthfeel Offers a medium level of carbonation and produces small bubbles in the mouth which give the effect of a big body. Chewy yet smooth in texture.
Considering the ABV, you don’t feel the warmth that much at all.
Overall Makes and excellent alternitve to all the usual fresh, vibrant and fruity DIPAS.
It has plenty of body and plenty of depth in both aroma and flavour.


Crema • Sweet White Coffee Stout • 4.9 % ABV • Finchampstead, England

A white stout brewed with 25kg of German whiskey barrel aged coffee along with vanilla and cocoa nibs to offer a stout that goes against the way it actually looks.

Appearance Crema is Light Golden in colour with just a touch of haze. a small off white head forms which is made up of tight white bubbles. These settle fairly quickly but cling to the side of the glass.
Cleverly, this is classed as a stout but offers a more golden colour than you would expect.
The flavour and body will really showcase the workmanship here.
Aroma Vanilla and cocoa are really at the forefront of the aroma. The warmth of the coffee really shines through in the aroma and there is a little spicy sweetness at the back from the addition of whiskey aged coffee.
A really warming, sweet and pleasant white coffee stout.
Flavour There is so much going on in the flavour from the spicy vanilla, a little cocoa and surprisingly an unusual coconut flavour towards the back.
The coffee shines through really well but I feel like the whiskey is a little lost here, you do get a very slight warmth towards the back.
The lactose offers a little sweetness overall. and there is a glimmer of hop bitterness at the very end, balanced by some of the coffee roast.
Mouthfeel A medium bodied stout but just misses out with the lighter body than we were expecting.
Still has a bubbly and chewy body with a medium/low level of carbonation.
A Hint of warmth comes in, likely, from the whiskey aged coffee.
Overall A nice enough white stout which showcases the coffee and all the additional elements really well.
The aroma of the beer is absolutely amazing but it just misses the mark with the flavour and the body.

Great concept.


CapHeine • Kettle Sour With Coffee • 6.2 % ABV • Finchampstead, England

Biscuity and bready malt notes pair with hibiscus and raspberries along with floral yet fruity Kenyan coffee beans to really break the boundaries of flavour.
Siren describes CapHeine as offering red currant, cranberry, plum and red fruit notes as well as some light hibiscus florals.
Mosaic, Palisade and Bravo hops are added both during kettling and at dry hop stage.
Hibiscus is added in the boil and 120kg or raspberries are added at fermentation.

Appearance Light amber to red colour from the massive addition of raspberries. Absolutely love the vibrant red that shines through.
Small pink to white head forms, made up of large bubbles which settle really quickly. Leaving you with a fairly cloudy kettle sour.
Aroma A really balanced aroma between the raspberries and the kettle souring. Lots of berry fruits mixed with spice that give an almost cinnamon aroma towards the back.
Maybe a little pepper too.
Flavour At the forefront you get plenty of the sour and raspberry notes which move into the sweeter and maltier elements towards the back. Finally, you get a little hop bitterness.
The coffee is really subtle and comes in towards the end once the fruitiness and sour has settled down.
Mouthfeel Really zesty, gets the mouth and tongue tingling.
Offers a low-level of carbonation but forms lots of bubbles in the mouth. A pretty light and easy drinking little number.
Overall An easy drinking and fruity kettle sour which balances the sour and fruit notes well whilst still offering a touch of bitterness.

With its similarities to Celt Experience’s goddess of the Spring, this is one sour that we would love to stock up on!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Siren’s Project Barista range.

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