Lervig / Evil Twin – Big Ass Money Stout 2

It has been an absolute age since I’ve managed to pull off a beer review with the state of things at home currently, but here we are.
Lets celebrate my part-time return to the reviewing game with something ultra special shall we?

My next collaborated brewskie comes in the form of Big Ass Money Stout 2.
An imperial stout which has frozen pizza thrown in during the boil and money added at the dry hop stage.
The bottle itself has been blinged out to feature a blend of gold and black so that the details stand out nicely.

The original variation came out many moons ago and were snapped up so quickly that I didn’t get a look in. This time around I was prepared and threw my money at the bar staff like a millionaire without a care.

Lets pop it open and give it a whirl shall we?


Imperial Stout • 16.0 % ABV • Stavanger, Norway / Brooklyn, New York

Appearance An intensely rich and black colour with no opacity at all. Even shining a light through the stout itself reveals no light.
The big imperial ABV does hamper the head somewhat, but the small amount of foam that does settle at the top is a deep brown colour.
Appearance alone is pretty damned amazing.
Aroma The aroma reveals a mixed bag of complex aromas.
Ranging from the sweeter chocolate, fruity and syrup notes all the way to the burnt coffee, roast malts and finally a savoury and umami like soy kicks in.
A combination of these aromas produces a biscuity and very defined quality which really stands out from other imperial stouts.
You get a little of the alcohol warmth as you breathe in at the back of the throat.
Flavour The flavour offers the same levels of complexity as the aroma.
Coffee and cocoa are the thirst things to take over, followed by the fruity notes which led into an intense syrup sweetness which takes over completely.
Once things settle, you are left with a spicy liquorice/aniseed spice and then the warmth.
A savoury bitterness lingers at the back of the throat.
Mouthfeel Big Ass Money Stout is a rich, bold and full bodied imperial stout.
Not so much in the way of carbonation but massive in body and powerful in alcohol warmth.
This starts with the tongue, then the cheeks and finally you feel the  stout move all the way down after swallowing.
A little grainy texture was present on the tongue once things settled down and the syrup sweetness resulted in a little stickiness.
Overall I’m not sure what I was expecting with this one to be honest.
I can’t imagine money offer much in the way of flavour at the dry hop stage and despite there being a savoury flavour/aroma, I don’t believe this is the frozen pizza talking.
That aside, this is a powerful and delicious Imperial Stout which offers everything you would expect from Lervig/Evil Twin and then some.The complexity of flavours, warming ABV, richness and texture make this an absolute winner of an Imperial Stout.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Big Ass Money Stout 2.

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