Lets Get This Party Started

To those of you that have followed from the beginning, thanks for sticking by Hoppilot.com and I hope that you enjoy the direction things are going in the next month or two.

Taking things back to the beginning, my goal for a number of years has been to work closer with breweries and beer related businesses to build up a name for myself and get to know how things work first hand.
Be it though the projects I undertake with home-brewing beers, the events I attend through bars & bottleshops or more importantly, through my attempts at volunteering or offering to help wherever possible at breweries directly.

There have been lots of positive experiences from organising the Rebel Homebrew Club in Cardiff, beer judging at the Welsh National Homebrew Competition, reviewing products for Honest Brew and Bierkeller as well as meeting all the amazing people along the way.

My experiences unfortunately have been a little spoiled by the ways that certain breweries operate. Particularly breweries closer to home, here in Wales.
False promises, kind messages/requests that have fallen on deaf ears and generally less than favourable attitudes.
This makes it tricky to remain positive when your passion is in trying to secure a position in this industry.

It’s important to say at this point that this isn’t my experience of all breweries
There are some fantastic breweries that have only been to happy to help out in any way that they can.
I’m looking at you Lines Brew Co, Mad Dog Brewery Co and Wooha Brewing Company.

I’ve always been myself, offering honest yet positive reviews of the beers I’ve tried as well as showing my appreciation and respect when speaking directly with the brewers themselves or through communications online.

The resulting factor is that I have very questionable views of the industry as a whole.
For me to enjoy things the way I used to, I feel that it’s important for me to step back and do things for myself.

Enter, the new and improved Hoppilot.com

Pairing some of my favourite past times with beer, starting with a little gaming action and perhaps even squeezing a little music in there too.

I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can go with pairing beers with entertainment as opposed to more traditional items such as cheese, meats and snacks.



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