Wooha Brewing Company


All the way from Nairn in Scotland, We’re excited to be trying the range on offer by Wooha Brewing Company.

Wooha focus on brewing traditional real ales and lagers, which are bottle conditioned to allow for deeper characters and flavours aswell as a natural carbonation as opposed to a fizzier forced carbonation.
Perfect for developing the smoothness and body their offerings.

Each of Wooha’s of their beers using 100% natural ingredients and don’t use any form of filtration, isinglass or funky chemicals.
As a result, each of their beers retain maximum flavour and aroma whilst also being Gluten free.

The beers on offer include Wooha’s Lager, IPA, Wheat and Porter which all follow these principles and have netted them a number of awards including:-

  • 2 star & 3 star Great Taste Awards – 2016
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold New York Beer Competition awards – 2016
  • Silver & Gold SIBA awards – 2015
  • Good Food Show – Producers Bursery Award.

Without further ado, lets crack these beauties open and see what they’re all about!


Wooha Brewing Company • Lager • 5.0 % ABV • Nairn, Moray, Scotland

Not to be confused with the 6% special release as part of a Beer52 box.

Wooha describe their Lager as being “Bright and light, not to hoppy or bitter – Balanced “.

Appearance Light gold in colour with a little haze. Produces a small white head which settles quickly but hangs tightly to the edge of the glass
Aroma Very light in aroma with a touch of grain, straw and a little sweetness. Clean with no esters to make out and a very subtle hop spiciness.
Flavour The flavour is equally as subtle, offering a touch of sweetness and grain. At the end a stronger, spicier bitterness really takes over offering a dry and peppery finish which lingers on and on.
Mouthfeel A medium-light bodied lager with a medium level of carbonation.
This lager is smooth and refreshing as well as being light, crisp and easy drinking.
Overall Wooha’s lager is a pleasant lager with a great balance between the malt and the sweetness.
The bitterness takes control a little at the end to offer some peppery and spicy notes but this doesn’t detract from the beer at all.
A crisp and thirst quenching lager.


Wooha Brewing Company • IPA • 6.2 % ABV • Nairn, Moray, Scotland

Wooha describe their IPA as being “A real ale. Hoppy and spicy with a balanced malt flavour – Bold “.

Appearance We were really surprised by the slightly hazy deep amber colour initially, but this is the result of Wooha’s IPA being wholeheartedly British as opposed to the lighter American variations.
On pouring, the IPA produced a fairly lively ivory head which stuck around for a while after pouring.
Aroma A big hop forward kick at the front, giving hits of pine, citrus, orange and slightly woody notes.
As the hops start to settle, the maltier elements come in offering toffee and toasted malt notes.
Flavour Based on the aroma, the hoppiness in the flavour wasn’t quite as strong as I was expecting at the front.
The malts kick things off giving plenty of toffee sweetness whilst there does exist plenty of orange and citrus notes.
A massive dry and lasting hop bitterness comes in at the end giving a big resinous, spicy and peppery finish.
The toasted notes come in a little at the end and merge with the hoppy/sweet notes to give a little liquorish.
Mouthfeel A smooth and medium body with a medium-high level of carbonation.
No astringency and particularly dry, especially in the bitterness at the back of the throat.
Overall Wooha’s IPA really took us by surprise.
Mainly because we have become so used to the large quantities of American IPAs.
It was a refreshing change to find a British IPA that ticks the boxes.
Lots of hop and malt action with a powerful bitterness at the end.


Wooha Brewing Company • Wheat • 6.4 % ABV • Nairn, Moray, Scotland

Wooha describe their Wheat as offering a “Citrus burst with a delicate malt flavour – Moreish “.

Appearance Deep gold leading to pale amber in colour.
Wooha’s Wheat produces a massive, thick and creamy head white head which lasts for ages because of the small tight bubbles.
Lots of haze in the beer as a result of the protein from the wheat used.
Aroma Hops and malts sit back for the estery banana to come in at the front along with a little clove.
Toasted bready notes come in towards the back.
crisp, citric and dry with little in the way of hops coming through in the aroma.
Flavour  The banana and clove really shine through in the flavour along with a little vanilla smoothness.
A little sweetness comes through along with a little graininess.
Ends with a big, spicy and citrus hop finish which lingers on at the back of the throat.
Mouthfeel  A medium bodied beer with a high level of carbonation which adds a zesty tingle on the tongue.
The small bubbles help achieve a little creaminess in the texture.
We found the wheat to be a little warming as the temperature rises in the mouth.
Overall  A darker than average wheat beer that feels a little heavier than it should be.
Despite this, it’s a great beer that’s packed with phenolic and estery notes, spicy hops and a grainy sweetness.
This most certainly is a wheat beer done Wooha style!


Wooha Brewing Company • Porter • 5.0 % ABV • Nairn, Moray, Scotland

Wooha describe their Lager as being “A real ale. Dark, rich and smoky with hints of chocolate and coffee – Smooth“.

Appearance The porter is a dark ruby brown in colour and shows as perfectly clear with the help of a little light.
On pouring, a massive light tan head forms which is made of lots of small bubbles which really helps with retention.
Aroma Lots of toasted notes and a little roast coffee ground at the front.
The darker malts deliver a little smokiness too.
Fruity esters and hops are kept to a minimum in the aroma for the strong and rich malts to shine.
A little sweet chocolate is hiding there at the back.
Flavour  Malts take pride of place on top in the flavour too.
Things kick off with big coffee roast malts where the smokiness from the aroma moves into flavour form.
As things settle, you are left with some nutty and burnt toffee notes towards the back.
The hops and malts come together at the end to offer up a lingering, spicy bitterness which has a liquorish feel about it.
Mouthfeel A medium bodied porter with a medium-high level of carbonation. The carbonation helps to add creaminess to the body of the porter.
Overall  My favourite of the four classic Wooha brews.
The porter inst scared to push the darker aromas and flavours from the malts and the hops help to deliver a little spiciness.
Little to no fruity esters result in a clean and delicious porter.
The smokiness is a welcome surprise.

It’s been a pleasant change enjoying a range of beers that fall in the “Real Ale” category and don’t require the use of extreme hopping or fancy techniques.

Wooha’s Porter was our overall favourite of the bunch with its big roast flavours, but it was addition of the smokiness that kicked things up a notch.
Really reminded us of our times walking around St Fagan’s outdoor museum the original lit fireplaces.
It’s great when the aroma of flavour of a beer can invoke that sort of memory.

We also loved Wooha’s Wheat which delivered on the overall with its banana and spicy elements whilst also bringing with it a fuller and stronger wheat beer edge.

The IPA was great for being brewed as a traditional British IPA as opposed to just another American IPA.
Plenty of hopped up action but great balance between the toffee sweetness and the toasted malts as well as a big dry and bitter finish.

The lager was crisp and refreshing with subtle grainy sweetness and a little citric sharpness. The spicy and peppery bitterness that Wooha’s lager offer easily make this one stand out from the mainstream lagers, from the “Big Boys” of the brewery industry.

If you want to get hold of Wooha’s beers, you can pick up the four we have just reviewed over at Ocado.com along with a 3 bottles for £5.

Alternatively, you can find them at select stockists below:-


All thats left to do is offer a huge thanks to Wooha for packing the range up and sending them all the way down to us in Wales.

What are you waiting for?

Get a little Wooha tonight!

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