Brewdog – Tactical Nuclear Penguin


(Uber) Imperial Stout • 32 % ABV • Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Digging into the Brewdog back catalogue, it’s time for something more on the extreme side. It’s time for a little Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

Classified as an (Uber) imperial stout. Once upon a time Tactical Nuclear Penguin was the worlds strongest beer.
That crown has since been taken by breweries that have produced beers ranging from 40% and close to 70% ABV.
We’ve got Brewmeister to thank for that with Snake Venom!

Blending the usual traits of an imperial stout such as chocolate, coffee and fruity esters with a nuclear sized ABV that will knock the socks off the un-initiated.

The only major change is a reduction in the bottle size from 330ml down to 110ml as well as the loss of the brown paper packaging complete with hand drawn penguin.


Without further ado, lets pop the cap!

Appearance Tactical Nuclear Penguin is dark reddish-brown in colour and surprisingly clear for being rich and syrupy.
No head as a result of the high ABV though a little agitation does form some minute brown bubbles on the surface.
This shows that a little carbonation in the beer does exist.
Aroma The aroma hits you with quite a lot at once, from the roasted malt characters, to the fruity yeast esters as well as the sweetness of raisins and dates.
A spicy warmth hits the back of the throat on taking in those powerful and complex.
Flavour For us, the flavour was all about the malts and the fruity esters.
The roast malt elements gave a little coffee and sweet toffee whilst the fruity esters made way for raisin and dates.
These combine to give a powerful and spicy liquorish flavour which finishes things up nicely.
Somewhat of a port like quality too.
Mouthfeel A medium-full bodied and syrupy stout with minimal carbonation.
The heat that comes from the extremely high ABV warms the back of the throat and everything else on the way down.
It really gets the tongue zinging too. Powerful stuff.
Overall An absolute beast of an (Uber) imperial stout containing all the elements of an imperial stout except for the visuals.
Not really surprising based on the experimental nature of the beer.
A powerful, unique and warming experience, just remember to take your time with it, sipping little an often.
This will reduce the heat and allow you to really take in all the elements.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Brewdog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin.


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