Staggeringly Good / Arundel – Knight Ryeder


Rye IPA • 6.0 % ABV • Portsmouth / West Wessex, England

Time for a little collaboration action thanks to Arundel assistant brewer and brother-in-law Oliver Parsons

The beer in question pairs dinosaurs of the Jurassic with traditions of West Sussex and a little old school television for good measure.
From Staggeringly Good Beer and Arundel Brewery, we give you Knight Ryeder.

Mixing the hopped up goodness of an India Pale Ale with the complexity and spiciness of Rye, Knight Ryeder is described as a “deliciously malty rye beer“.

Lets crack this brilliantly designed can open and see whats lurking inside.

Appearance Knight Ryder is medium amber in colour and murked up to the max with haze, verging on opaque. It produces a massive light tan head which has some amazing staying power.
Aroma Massive fragrant hops hit you from the opening of the can and on pouring. The aroma is so powerful, it literally fills the room.
The hops give lots of tropical fruit including pineapple, passion fruit and melon whilst the malts used offer a mixture of spicy rye and sweetness. Pretty darned delicious.
Flavour Considering the power of the hop aroma, the flavour seems to be more levelled. Still offering the tropical notes but the malts seem to take over quicker.
The flavour gives lots more of the sweet toffee and spicy rye along with plenty of pepper at the back of the throat.
A light bitterness mixes with the pepper at the very end.
Mouthfeel Knight Ryeder is medium light in body with a smooth texture.
The medium carbonation and bubbles give an almost creamy texture.
Just the slightest touch of astringency and a dryness that prickles the tongue.
Overall A very good example of a Rye IPA though I felt the hops in the flavour needed to be as prominent as the aroma to really shine.
The main feature of the beer, the rye, really stands out amongst the hops and sweeter malts through both the aroma and the flavour.
Plenty dry with lots of supportive malt action!

It’s important to note that I was unable to enjoy at its freshest so this may have affected the strength of the hops in the flavour. That aside, this is still one damn tasty beverage.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Knight Ryeder – Rye IPA.

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