Wild Beer Co. – Evolver IPA


India Pale Ale • 5.8 % ABV • Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England

Looks like we’re getting in another cheeky number from Wild Beer Co, a brewery that aren’t afraid to do things differently or weirdly unusual.
Breakfast of Champignons and Of The Sea, I’m looking directly at you.

Here is Evolver IPA.

Evolver IPA is 100% fermented with Brettanomyces, loaded with high hitting hops including Chinook, Summit, Magnum, Herkules, Sorachi Ace and Centennial hops. Offering multiple ways to enjoy.
You can either drink fresh to make the most of the fresh hoppiness of an IPA or store for longer to allow those more unusual Brett elements to really funk things up.

According to the bottle, Brettanomyces does actually help to keep the hops fresher for longer than traditional yeasts, so you’re still going to get some hoppy notes if you decide to age this for a touch longer.

It seems like blasphemy to allow an IPA to mature for longer but we’ve every confidence in Wild Beer Co!

Let’s pop the cap and see if we are getting hops or funk!

Appearance A straw to pale gold colour with a hint of haze, producing a lively white head which settles slightly quicker than traditional IPAs due to the brettanomyces.
A little agitation brings the head back, though it gets smaller and smaller each time. This of course is perfectly normal.
Aroma Sharp and sour notes take pride of place at the front line.
Next to step are the hops which offer lots of citrus, pine and tropical fruits. Finally, the Brettanomyces helps to give more unusual funky/farmyard aromas too.
Overall, pretty subtle and light.
Flavour Lots of citrus characteristics come through from the hops including lemon as well as a little tropical mango with a subtle level of dryness. There is a touch of sweetness but this is overtaken by the more funkier bretted notes.
Finally, you hit quite a powerful and lasting bitterness made which is pretty spicy and peppery.
There was even a little bubblegum in the very first sip. That was a surprise.
Mouthfeel A medium-light carbonation level with a medium body. The carbonation level produces a creamy texture in the mouth which helps to make Evolver feel heavier than it actually is.
You also get a spritzy tingling on the tongue too.
Overall Evolver IPA is a light and crisp beer with subtle elements but still manages to level the sweet and sour elements.
The bitterness takes a little more control at the end with its spicy and peppery notes but it works well with the sharper, citrus.
Really refreshing with lots of funk!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Wild Beer Co’s Evolver IPA.

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