Cloudwater Brew Co – Seville Orange Sour


Sour/Wild Ale • 3.5% ABV • Manchester, England

Alas, the crazy summer heat has left us for now and in its place we’re left with a muggy and cloudy warmness.
It’s impossible to judge whether we should arm ourselves with an umbrella and rain jacket or just take a gamble on the shorts and be done with it.

At least my latest purchase is able to commit and offer a bright, glowing orange orb against a clear backdrop. It literally is Summer on a can.
Our next beer is brewed by craft beer heavy weights Cloudwater and offers something different from the mix of pales and DIPAs that we have seen of late.

Seville Orange Sour offers exactly what it portrays on the tin. A kettle sour infused with the zest of a quarter of a tonne of Seville Oranges all the way from Spain.

Its amazing that the picture of an Orange can offer so much excitement without us needing to crack open the can.
We can’t contain ourselves anymore, lets squeeze more out of Summer!

Appearance A cloudy, golden colour with a small white head which settles quickly after pouring.
Aroma Orange fruit and orange pith are the predominant aromas along a low-level of sour notes towards the back.
The aroma is clean and fresh with no malts or big yeast esters present.
Flavour The flavour is slightly dry and showcases subtle hits of the orange juice and pith. Not necessarily juicy, but neither does it contain a big sourness either.
A little biscuit malt comes in towards the end and finally you got an orange pith bitterness to finish things up.
The bitter finish is much the same as when you’ve failed to peel an orange correctly and you are left with a lot of the white spongy layer underneath.
Mouthfeel A light to medium body with a sparkling level of carbonation.
Really refreshing and crisp with just the right level of carbonation and dryness to get the tongue and taste buds excited.
Overall Seville Orange Sour wasn’t what we were expecting as it offered less of the juice and more of the dry/sourness.
A really clean and refreshing beer which is absolutely perfect for the Summer (Or what’s left of it!).
A pleasant and easy beer with an easy ABV.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Cloudwater’s Seville Orange Sour.

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