Wings & Dogs at Brewdog, Cardiff


Back on Thursday 25th, we took a trip into the Cardiff to watch a free showing of Pirates of the Caribbean, as a part of a preview in the Vue cinema near the stadium.

The weather was freaking hot and whilst we sat in a nearby bar enjoying a crisp and refreshing Vedett Extra Blonde, we made the rash decision to pass on the event for more beery deliciousness and a little food.

The idea of being stuck in a cinema full of people when the sun was brimming just didn’t do it for us. We wanted to make the most of this amazing weather.

Instead, we took a trip over to our usual haunt on Westgate Street. Brewdog, Cardiff.

Selecting the beers would be easy.
We would keep ourselves on the lighter spectrum with lots of refreshing and fruity pales whilst making the most of the outside seating

On the food front, we decided to mix things up from the usual burgers and get a bit of a mix and match from the menu.

What arrived at our tables was nothing short of epic.

First up was a hearty sharing stack of chicken wings with a hot sauce & honey glaze along with a blue cheese dip and some cheeky sides.

Alone, the sharing portion of chicken wings are £11 but for an additional £4 you can choose two snack options from the menu.
We loaded up on a portion of Sweet potato fries (Normally £3.50) and a pot of Mac N’ Cheese (Normally £4).

The sweet potato fries arrived in a small paper bag all seasoned up, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A great sized portion as part of the sharer option.

Loaded into one of those white and blue enamel mugs, the mac n’ cheese was topped with a hearty sprinkling of crunchy onion and placed along with the sweet potato fries.
Soft and gooey in the middle with plenty of cheese. An absolute treat that we will be re-visiting.

The chicken wings were the life and soul of the party.
Cooked perfectly well to offer a sweet and slightly crunchy skin from the honey glaze aswell as beautifully soft meat which peeled off the bones with ease.
The rich and powerful sauce coating the wings was fruity, peppery and spicy.
Brewdog were generous are freaking generous with this awesome sauce, just make sure you have plenty of towlettes on hand to dab your face and fingers. This is going to be messy.

On the side was a subtle and smooth blue cheese sauce which helps to cool things down when the wings starting getting to hot to handle.
Believe me, although not painfully hot, as you approach the last of the wings, you really start to feel that peppery heat and you’ll be glad you had that life saving pot on the side!

To wash it all down, I enjoyed a Vermont IPA v4.0 which was actually perfect for spicy task ahead of me.
It had enough of the bold, fruity flavours of pineapple, orange & peach to fight the strong and spicy elements of the wings as well as the body & smoothness from the pale malts, wheat & oats to cool things down, keeping the heat at bay.
With its low bitterness, the overall drinking experience was really pleasant. Making this pair up a match made in heaven!


The greedy buggers we were, meant that we also had to squeeze in one of Brewdog’s hot dogs on top.

Our dog of choice was the Chorizo Dog coming in at £8 on its own.
A Chorizo hot dog sausage loaded into a brioche bun, loaded with almond romesco ketchup, smoked aioli, grana padano & piquillo peppers.

The dog was surprisingly light and practically melted in our mouths.
There were so many delicious elements to the Chorizo dog, from the sweet & tangy piquillo peppers, to the smokiness of the aioli and the sharp, nuttiness of the grana padano cheese which paired with the almond romesco ketchup.

By the time we had finished this lot, we were about done.

One more beer in the form of the East Coast Crush (Live Beer) with its light, zesty and tropical notes of passion fruit and pineapple topped up with a touch of biscuit and a dry bitterness to top things off and we were finished.

It was a brilliant end to a perfect evening!

Needless to say, we will be back.

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