Verdant Brewing Co – Even Sharks Need Water


IPA • 6.5 % ABV • Falmouth, England

Onto the last of my candy related beers of the week.

Although Even Sharks Need Water by Verdant Brewing Co isn’t an obvious choice for a candy related beer, it soon become evident once you see how the beer is described.
It’s like a packet of sherbet sweets drenched in tangy fruit layers cuddled by a comforting bready hug”.

I mentioned before that there was a recent tap Verdant takeover in Brewdog, Cardiff. Where I admitted that I wasn’t blown away by the offerings and really wanted to give them an opportunity to wow me.

Based on feedback I’ve seen online and by buddies that have enjoyed the beer, I think that this is the one to turn things around.

Lets find out!

Even Sharks Need water fills the glass with a rich and murky, pale gold IPA. A small white head forms which settles quickly. The richness of the IPA is so much so, that you cannot see a thing through it. This means that no goodness has been filtered out.
The aroma is hopped up to the max. Lots of clean, fresh and juicy fruit with some sweetness. The tropical notes are there including a little passion fruit. There is also lots of lemony citrus and zest.
The same is true of the flavour which, along with the amazing tropical and citric flavours, you get plenty of sweetness and a resinous bitterness that comes in at the end, which doesn’t overpower the juicy freshness.
I read somewhere that Even Sharks Need Water gives a similar flavour to that of Sherbet Lemon sweets and to a degree, this is spot on.
A really smooth IPA with a medium\low carbonation and a medium\light body. The smoothness and texture of the body comes from the use of flaked barley and oats in the brewing process.

Even Sharks Need Water is delicious and a very good example of an IPA with full on fruit and a balanced sweetness. Each of the elements from the aroma and flavour to the texture and balance have been well thought out.
I could easily see myself knocking more of these back and almost certainly trying out more of Verdant Brewing Co’s canned range.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Verdant’s Even Sharks Need Water.

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