Siren – Hop Candy


Double IPA • 9.0 % ABV • Finchampstead, England

After the rich and dark beers of last week, it was nice to move onto some fresher and more vibrant options this week.
Following a bit of a “Candy” theme this week, the first beer we would be trying is Hop Candy by Siren.
A double IPA (DIPA) that Siren say is “exploding with hops!”. Offering lots of tropical and berry notes along with a little fresh lime and some pine.

This was a recommendation by The Bottle Shop in Penarth and for very good reason, if the feedback is anything to go by.

Lets crack it open and take a look!

Hop Candy is golden in colour with a dry hopped haziness. It produces a pure white head of fine bubbles which tops up the rest of the glass and persists for some time after pouring.
From the point the bottle was opened, You are instantly hit with really zingy, tropical fruit Along with pine, orange and citrus. A malt sweetness comes in towards the end giving just a touch of floral honey.
The flavour was a complex range of fruit and malt which combined to create a damned unique flavour. Highly hopped with lots of fresh tropical fruit juice, mango and pine along with just a hit of lime on the side of the tongue. A lasting medium dry bitterness finishes the brew.
Hop Candy has a really smooth, creamy and chewy texture with a medium carbonation level which offers a little dryness on the tongue. The lime really zings the side of the tongue whilst working through the array of other fruits along the way.
Although this DIPA is hitting 9.0% ABV, there is little in the way of any warming sensations.

Hop Candy really stands out from other juicy DIPAs and hides the ABV well. It’s easy to knock this back and forget that its upwards of 9.0% ABV.
A beautifully balanced and complex range of aromas and flavours that we can’t stop drinking.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Siren’s Hop Candy

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