Põhjala – Must Kuld


Porter • 6.0 % ABV • Tallinn, Estonia

Deep from my beer collection and from Beer52 some time ago, I’ve come across a porter from Põhjala, based in Estonia.
A brewery that I haven’t had an opportunity to try out as yet but am really looking forward to.
This porter looks line it’s going to be a gem. With over 368 individual ratings, the Ratebeer.com scores are through the roof at 100 for style and 98 overall.
Expect deep, dark and decadent richness with the range of dark malts, crystal malts and lactose. Apparently, Must Kuld is one to enjoy as a dessert in its own right.

Lets dive in shall we?

Must Kuld is extremely dark brown, verging on black. So much so that it’s impossible to judge the clarity. It does, however, produce a massive, lively and creamy looking tan head. The head lasts for ages after pouring.
Everything looks rich and full bodied from the pour alone.
The aroma hits you with lots of coffee roast and dark, burnt malts towards the back. The lactose offers some milky sweetness. I was unable to make out any specific hop elements or esters. The malts and sweetness are the key elements here and they don’t disappoint.
The flavour is full on coffee, chocolate sweetness, roasted malts and liquorice at the back of the tongue. The porter itself is sweet but leads more into the dry scale.
A medium bitterness comes in the end where the malts, liquorice warmth and roasted elements combine and linger at the back of the throat.
Must Kuld is a rich and full bodied porter with a smooth, creamy texture and just the right amount of carbonation. There is a little astringency from the dark malts, but this is acceptable for the style. The ABV helps to generate a little alcoholic warmth too.

This is a damned delicious, powerful and robust porter. Hitting you with the big flavours of roasted coffee, chocolate sweetness and spicy liquorice and a beautifully textured porter.
It’s a well-conceived idea and simply put, an outstanding porter!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Põhjala’s Must Kuld.

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