Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout


Sweet Stout • 6.0 % ABV • Longmont, Colorado USA

After brewing up a milk stout all of my own, I thought the fitting thing to do would be to crack open a bottle of Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout.
Based on reviews and guidelines from my Beer Judge Certification Program studies, this is one of the go to sweet stouts, which showcases the style well.
Ratebeer.com would seem to suggest this too, with a current rating of a 95 for style & aroma out of 100.

According to Left Hand Brewing, this milk stout “will change your perception about what a stout can be“ and is “Udderly delightful“.
This (Sweet) milk stout makes use of lactose sugar to offer a full-bodied and smooth drinker, fit for the 2013 gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Sweet or Cream Stout category.

Tasting time!

Milk Stout is a dark ruby-brown colour and produces a huge creamy, tan head. The head is made up of tiny bubbles and stays put for ages after pouring. The stout itself is clear with a light shined through it.
A balance of roasted coffee character, lactose sweetness, subtle chocolate and a little fruit comes from the aroma. The malts and lactose the lead in this stout.
The flavour largely mimics the aroma. Lots of coffee roast as well as a little chocolate from the malts and a creamy sweetness from the lactose sugar. This leads into roasted and hop bitterness at the end. The roast flavours really balance with the sweet flavours too.
A full-bodied stout with a high level of carbonation. The carbonation really gets the tongue and throat tingling. A creamy texture as a result and very lively.

Milk Stout is an excellent example of a milk stout, though I feel that my bottle may have been over carbonated to a degree. Regardless, it has a great texture and mouth feel and all the classic elements of a sweet (Milk) stout are there.
I would most certainly grab another bottle if I found more out and about.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout.

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