Ilkley Brewery Brewdog Leeds – Westwood (White Chocolate) Stout


Sweet Stout • 6.5 % ABV • Ilkley, England Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Back in 2014, we were lucky enough to have a Brewdog of our very own open in Cardiff.
We tended to stray away from the lower end of Westgate Street and weren’t to keen on social media so completely missed this, despite being huge real ale and craft beer drinkers.

Fast forward a few months and there was to be a mass collaboration effort by Brewdog and a number of breweries all around the UK.
The idea is that each Brewdog bar in the UK collaborates with a local brewery to come up with an exciting and awesome beer. These beers would then be served at all Brewdog bars in the UK, where we could try them all and vote for our favourite.
The event would be called #Collabfest2014.

Along with some great beers including Home of the Fruitcakes by Celt Experience, one stout would stand out amongst the rest and come out on top. This stout is still a pretty unique conjuring today and in our eyes still rates as highly as the first time we tried it back in 2014.
Brewed by Ilkley Brewery in collaboration with Brewdog Leeds, I have the pleasure of tasting Westwood (White Chocolate) Stout.

Very little in the way of secrets are being let out of the bag for this brew. It tastes like a stout, looks like a blonde and makes use of roasted cocoa husks to give the roasted flavour. Imagine the flavour of milky bars in a stout.
Lets get this bottle open and dive in shall we?

Westwood stout fills the glass with a beer, pale to medium amber with a touch of haze. A small off white head forms of fairly big bubbles which surprisingly holds itself well. There was a little sediment floating in the stout but this didn’t affect things at all.
The aroma was more on the sweet and malty side. Lots of cocoa, caramel and a light lactose sweetness. I wasn’t able to pick up much from the hops or any yeasty esters.
More complexity comes in from the flavour with its coffee roast and toasted notes which move swiftly into milk chocolate, a little caramel and a hint of coffee. The hops come in with a little bitterness at the end which balances perfectly with the sweetness.
Westwood stout is a full-bodied stout with a low carbonation level and a smooth texture.
I found there to be a mealy texture which coated my mouth but this works well to give the feel of eating chocolate itself.

A mind-blowing and clever beer that really tricks you into thinking the beer is darker and heavier than it actually looks, whilst still pushing lots of flavour & aroma your way.
The traditional roasted stout elements pair well with the sweeter chocolate elements and offer a clean, sweet and dessert like stout.
I’ve not yet seen anything else like this and as a result think it’s a really accomplished and clever brew!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the Ilkley Brewery Brewdog Leeds collaboration – Westwood (White Chocolate) Stout.

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