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This weeks home-brew recipe is one that I’ve tried some time ago, but it didn’t quite turn out the way I liked. I got one thing right in the percentage of lactose sugar for sweetness and body but didn’t know much about the benefit of adjuncts to aid in the quality of the beer.
Adjuncts can help in a range of ways from smoothness and mouth-feel to head retention and body.

In my milk stouts case, flaked barley and wheat are going to help with head retention whilst the flaked oats are offer smoothness and body to the beer.
These will be paired with a selection of grains including Maris Otter for the base malts, caramalt to aid sweetness, Munich to further push the flavour & aroma profile, chocolate malt for colour & chocolate flavour and black malt for darkness & roast.
A little Chinook and East Kent Goldings hops will add a moderate hop bitterness and flavour to the overall stout.
The sweet lactose sugar will add as a counter balance to the darker and roasted elements of the beer.
Each of these elements will be brought together with a Mangrove Jacks Empire Ale yeast which is designed for Sweet stout styles.

Check out my plan below.

Milk Stout V1


680g Maris Otter
181g Cara Malt
91g Munich Malt
45g chocolate Malt
45G Black Malt


22g Flaked Barley
34g Flaked Wheat
45g Flaked Oats


90g Lactose Sugar

Hops – Start – Bittering
4g Chinook

Hops – End – Flavouring
6g East Kent Goldings

Empire Ale (Mangrove Jacks M15)

Following on from my milk stout recipe above, I’ve selected a range of beers this week that also compliment the style. There is a milk stout in the mix, but how about a rich dark porter and a white chocolate stout?

Check out this weeks tasters below.

Ilkley Brewery • Westwood White Chocolate Stout • 6.5 % ABV • Ilkley, England

A gift from my brother-in-law at Christmas time, Westwood Stout came into being back in 2014 as part of Brewdog’s Collabfest.
A collaboration between Ilkley Brewery and Brewdog Leeds, this unique white chocolate stout came out on top in the #Collabfest2014 ratings.
Don’t let the light colour fool you, Westwood Stout still has the texture and the flavour of a roasted stout with the addition of white chocolate.

Põhjala • Must Kuld • 7.8 % ABV • Tallinn, Estonia

Part of my older Beer52 collection, this porter comes from Põhjala, a brewery that I’ve yet to try out. out of 368 individual ratings, the scores are through the roof.
Expect deep, dark and decadent richness with the range of dark malts, crystal malts and lactose. Apparently, Must Kuld is one to enjoy as a dessert in its own right.

Left Handed Brewing Company • Milk Stout • 6.0 % ABV • Longmont, Colorado USA

Another high rater from my old Beer52 Collection, and according to Left Handed Brewing Company, “will change your perception about what a stout can be“.
This (Sweet) milk stout makes use of lactose sugar to offer a full-bodied and smooth drinker, fit for the 2013 gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Sweet or Cream Stout category.

To end this week, I’ll do a little feature taster on Brewdog’s original threesome. This includes a limited run of the first beers that Brewdog ever released.
I ordered this pack directly from the online Brewdog shop at a cost of £5.50 and it came with the brightly coloured box all folded up and ready to pack.
Two of the beers have similarities to the current breed of Brewdog beers. It might be interesting to buy bottle of each for comparison.
Let’ see what is included.


Brewdog • The Physics • 5.0 % ABV • Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

A hopped up amber ale which was actually the precursor to the 5AM Saint we all know and love today.
The Physics won the award for Worlds Best Amber Beer in the World Beer Awards 2007.
The extra pale, caramalt, crystal 120 & dark crystal 350 malts provide a complex, sweet malt character whilst the Amarillo & Brambling Cross hops deliver delicate blackcurrant and citrus. Both are described as working in perfect harmony whilst complimented by a crisp, dry and bitter finish.

Brewdog • Punk IPA• 6.0 % ABV • Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

With a Slightly higher ABV than the current 5.6% variation, made purely with extra pale malts and loaded with Ahtanum, Chinook, Crystal & Motueka hops. The original Punk IPA is one of the flagship beers that kicked things off and is causing quite a stir online with slightly lower scores and mixed reviews.
I had an opportunity to try the two on draught and the original did have the strengths of Head Retention and clarity.
It will be interesting to see how the bottled variation holds up.

Brewdog • Hop Rocker • 5.5 % ABV • Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Last in the bunch is Hop Rocker which is Brewdog’s first try at a lager and the final of the original trilogy.
With a 100% malt base of extra pale, caramalt and Munich to offer a sweet balanced complexity as well as Cascade, Saaz, Motueka & Chinook hops for tropical juice and peppery spice, Hop Rocker is promised to be a high quality and top-notch lager.
There isn’t a beer to compare this one to, so it will be enjoyed in its own right. Here’s hoping the weather is perfect enough for a crisp Brewdog lager.

All Malt and hop breakdowns were gathered from DIY Dog, A great resource to really understand what goes into every Brewdog beer and how they are brewed up.

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