Shindigger – Black IPA


Black IPA • 5.5 % ABV • Manchester, England

Just in time for Craft Beer Hour on Tuesday 18th, I thought I would try out a Black IPA by Manchester based brewery ShinDigger.
The theme of Craft Beer Hour this week was Manchester Beer Week who were on hand to talk about the event and a number of collaborations that would be taking place as a result.
My beer of choice thankfully fitted in nicely with the theme.

ShinDigger started life as a shared brewing project in Manchester university. Through the success of selling beers at local house parties, the plunge was taken to kick things up a notch and supply the masses.
To date, gypsy brewers Paul and George have produced over 10 beers around the UK and as far as Hong Kong.
Their ethos is about enjoying the moment and having good time with friends.

Onto the beer then, shall we?
ShinDigger Black IPA is described as “Like an angel crying beer laser powered black rainbows onto your tongue. Bliss XD” according to the website and what sounds like a loyal customer. Sounds pretty damned promising!

ShinDigger’s Black IPA is ruby brown in colour and perfectly clear. It produces a light tan head which holds itself really well with plenty of fine creamy looking bubbles.
A moderately hoppy aroma kicks things off with resin and pine. As the hops settle, toasted malts with step up to give a subtle smokiness along with a little caramel sweetness. Stone fruit comes in at the end to finish things up in the nose department.
The hops get the ball rolling in the flavour, pushing out lots of stone fruit and berries. A slightly sweet chocolate smoothness takes over with the toasted flavour of the dark malts and a bitter coffee comes in at the end. The hops finish things off with a bitterness that lasts and lasts at the end.
A smooth and lightly carbonated black IPA with a creamy texture from the fine carbonation bubbles and a little astringency from the darker malts.

ShinDigger’s Black IPA is a really pleasant and enjoyable beverage. The strong hoppy and fruity elements balance really well with the dark malts, chocolate and coffee yet compliment each other really well.
Creamy, smooth and tasty.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the ShinDigger’s Black IPA.

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