Northern Monk – Patrons Project 4.01 – Passion Fruit Lassi IPA

patron project

India Pale Ale • 7.4 % ABV • Leeds, England

Northern Monk based in Leeds have created something that really stands out in their Patrons Project 4.01 – Fruit Lassi IPA, coming in at 7.4% ABV.
Loaded with Passion fruit then hopped up with a mixture of Victoria’s Secret, Azzaca and Citra hops. Let’s forget a touch of lactose! Oh, the lactose.
The expectation is a cool yet refreshing, tropical fruit bomb with a rich, milkshake body.
As close to a milkshake beer as you can get right now.

Artwork has been produced by poster artist Drew Millward. Known for working with bands like Foo Fighters, Billy Bragg and Primus using an instantly recognisable style, which is evident here on the 440ml Fruit Lassi IPA can.

Lets’s crack this artful fellow open and give it a whirl, Cheers!

Northern Monk’s Passion Fruit Lassi IPA is deep gold in colour and has a high level of haziness. A small white head forms on pouring but settles quickly. This IPA looks rich as you like.
A big, fruity and juicy hop aroma kicks things off. Delivering plenty of passion fruit at the forefront and a little tangerine/citrus at the back. There are minimal malt aromas or yeasty esters that I can gauge.  The aroma is all about the fresh, lively and zesty fruit.
The aromas of the fruit translate really well into the flavour, continuing with the sharp, fruity and zesty theme. This time however, low levels of caramel and sweetness can be picked up from the malts and lactose used to help with the body of the IPA.
A lasting fruit bitterness comes in at the end to finish the rich, fruity roller coaster.
A medium to full-bodied IPA with a creamy milk-shake like texture from the lactose and a light level of carbonation. A clean IPA with a well-rounded tropical fruit flavour and plenty of sweetness.

A stand out IPA which really pushes the use of passion fruit, hops and lactose to a give a milkshake rich, tropical explosion of flavour (There’s the fruit bomb). The artwork on the can is great and easily removed off the can for placement in all of your favourite places and for future posterity.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the Northern Monk’s – Fruit Lassi IPA

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