Saison Dupont (Cuvée Dry Hopping) – Brasserie Dupont


Saison • 6.5 % ABV • Tourpes-Leuze, Belgium

Saison Dupont -Cuvée Dry Hopping was first produced back in 2010.
The beer is produced in limited quantities and takes advantage of a different hop every year. In this case, Brewers Gold which offers great bittering properties, providing berry fruits & spiciness.
The 2016 version promises a dry and crisp saison with a sustained bitterness. The hops deliver a white fruits and citrus whilst the blend of yeast gives a specific aromas and flavours to Dupont brews.
Time to pop the cork and give it a blast!

Saison Dupont is gold in colour with a little haze from the dry hopped Brewers Gold and produces a massive, lively white head on pouring. There are lots of visible bubbles rising from the base of the glass.
The aroma is where the controversy begins, as the first thing to hit me was a skunky\freshly brewed coffee sort of aroma. The sort of thing you would find from light struck hops. Fighting passed this aroma you are able to make out slightly toast malts and a little sweetness. As the off aroma mellows, you are able to get a little spiciness and fruit.
Flavour wise, a subtle spiciness with a peppery note comes in from the hops. The malts deliver more of the toasted flavours and sweetness and a pleasant, yet light bitterness guides you to the end.
Saison Dupont was highly carbonated and produced a chewyness in the texture from all of the bubbles. A light to medium bodied saison which really zings the tongue and offers a refreshing crispness.

Saison Dupont really had the promise to be a great Saison, but the light struck notes took over the fruity and hoppy aromas that I was expecting to come across.
It’s the same thing that you would find on opening a bottle of Heineken. This is due to using a green bottle as opposed to a darker brown bottle that protects hop molecules from ultra violet light.
There are a number of resources and forums online where people describe whether this off flavour is intentional in Saison Dupont to offer complexity or something else entirely.

Thankfully, I’ve been given an opportunity to pop by the store I bought it from and try it with them to compare aromas and flavours.
This should make for an interesting session.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the Brasserie Dupont’s – Saison Dupoint

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