First Brewing Project for March

This coming weekend will see the first of my brewing projects for March come into fruition.
Sticking with my back to basics range, I wanted to brew an American amber ale following the traditional guidelines whilst refining my technique to keep on top of the game.

I’ve just purchased an auto Siphon which arrives in the next day or two which will help minimise the chance of infection as well as a few grains ready for my second project.
More to come on that DIPA related project soon.

My plan is a to produce an American amber ale that offers plenty of malt character with a medium to low caramel level.
Maris Otter, Dark Crystal, Amber and Munch Malts will help me to achieve this.
I’ll be using Chinook hops to give a medium hop bitterness whilst also adding a little pine and spiciness to the overall flavour and aroma.
Bringing it all together will be a US West Coast yeast by Mangrove Jacks. I’ve been getting some pretty consistent results with Mangrove Jacks so aim to use these sachets for the time being.

Here is the recipe that I’ve come up with

American Amber Ale


816g Maris Otter
115g Dark Crystal Malt
22g Amber Malt
22G Munich Malt

Hops – Start – Bittering
2.5g Chinook

Hops – Middle – Flavouring
2g Chinook

Hops – End – Flavouring
5g Chinook

1/4 tsp Irish Moss (Added in the final 15 minutes of boil)

US West Coast (Mangrove Jacks M44)

Check out my Instagram feed on Saturday 18th to see how the brew went

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