BrewdogBeatnik Brewing Collective – Imperial Red Ale


Amber Ale • 8.0 % ABV • Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hot on the heels of their Bounty Hunter coconut milk stout back in 2015, my next beer from The Beatnik Brewing Collective promises yet another great offering.

Just to give you a bit of background, the Beatnik Brewing Collective are a group of Equity For Punks members who get together through an exclusive forum to debate, discuss and create the sort of beer they want to drink.
The elements of the brew are broken down into five stages:-

Stage 1 – Beer Style

Stage 2 – Malt Bill & ABV

Stage 3 – Hops & Bitterness

Stage 4 – A Special Twist!

Stage 5 – Label & Beer Name

Where the original Brewdog #mashtag allowed you to vote for three styles of beer, the Beatnik Collective decide what those three beers are.
The resulting brew is an imperial red ale, loaded with biscuity malts, aromas & flavours of toffee and crème caramel which pair with citrus and red berry fruits. The imperial strength treats you to a welcoming lift of alcohol on the aftertaste.
Time to tuck in!

Beatnik’s Imperial Red Ale produces a big off white to light tan head which lasts for ages after pouring. The ale itself is medium amber in colour and gives a little haziness.
The aroma balances light berry fruits and citrus with a sweet caramel. The caramel stands out more at retro nazal. An alcoholic warmth comes in at the end along with fruity esters.
The aroma translates perfectly into the flavour where the hops help to deliver some of that fruity goodness and the malts deliver the sweet caramel. Again, both balanced well whilst also offering fruity esters and a lasting yet pleasant bitterness at the end.
Beatnik’s Imperial Red Ale is a medium bodied beer with a medium to high level of carbonation which helps in the retention of the head and to excite the tongue.
There was a little alcohol warmth and no astringency to speak of.

This was a delicious creation from the Beatnik Brewing Collective which I felt stood out more than the coconut milk stout of last year. Probably because I’m a lover of red ales too!
A great balance of flavours with good head retention and a tasty all round flavour.
One of my favourite beer styles and this is no exception.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Brewdog and the Beatnik Collective’s Imperial Red Ale.

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